Ep 69 - Local News, Other People's Bathrooms, Shower Sex, The Pre-Sleep Self-Cringe Marathon
Ep 68 - Cryptocurrency, Sandals, People with no Spacial Awareness, Cable Management
Ep 67 - Industry Award Circle Jerk, Poorly Constructed Sandwiches, Family Tech Support, Beer
Ep 66 - Download Managers, Panic Attacks, Power Surges, Sources
Ep 65 - Asylum Films, "Can I Help You With Anything?", No Demos for Games Anymore, White Clothing
Ep 64 - Repairman Scheduling, Valentine's Day, The Olympics, The Socratic Method
Ep 63 - Your Dumb Music, Oblivious People, Truck Guys, Trailers for Trailers
Ep 62 - Impatient People, Speed Humps, The You-Tube Invasion, Proprietary Technology
Ep 61 - Electives, "Me Too" Businesses, Your Dumb TV Show, Testicles
Ep 60 - Planned Obsolescence, Your Dumb Fucking Children, Not Putting things back where they go, Not removing the ice from your car 
Ep 59 Nick Rekieta -
Organic Food, Checks, Paying Taxes and Fees on things you already own
Ep 58 - Life Hacks, Not Committing to Film, Weird Sleeping Habits, Mansplaining
Ep 57 - Cars w/o Phone Holders, Places open on Christmas Day that don't need to be, No/Poor Return Policies, Family Photos
Ep 56 - Xmas Light Tours, Fake Holidays, Eggnog, Wrapping Presents
Ep 55 - Net Neutrality, Shipping and Tracking, "Have you eaten here before?", Awards Shows not aboout the Awards
Ep 54 - The Living Room-ification of Movie Theaters, Electronic Arts' Sudden Villainy, Terrible Final Jeopardy Questions, Salvation Army Bell Ringers
Ep 53 Joel Chaco- Wake-up Calls / Reality Check, The Internet of Things, Stick Figure Family Stickers
Ep 52 Tim the Handlebreaker- Hollywood Types Who Think That Their Poop Doesn't Stink, Dreams, Not Fixing The Problem
Ep 51 Mono'c Pat - Outdoor Festivals, Bureaucracy, Toy Video Games
Ep 50 - Biting Your Tongue, Sudden Infestations of Flies, Religion
Ep 49 - "I Have No Filter," Representation Olympics, "Men Experience Labor Pain" Videos, Poor Quality Audio Books
Ep 48 - Diversified Construction, Low Flow Toilets, Fake Fall, People Nosing Into Your Business
Ep 47 - Being the Jerk, Emotional Blackmail, Basic Chick Food, Smoking
Ep 46 - Starting the Rumor MIll, Basic Chick Clothing, School Zones, Unearned beards
Ep 45 - Basic Chick Advertising; Automatic Password Changes; Annoying Biological Tendencies; No Refills After You Paid
Ep 44 - Fancy People Coming To The Theater; Unwanted Well-Wishers; Mic Check; Doomsday Salesmen
Ep 43 - Ambush Journalism; Umbrellas; Suicide by Cop; Tech Week
Ep 42 - Craigslist; Getting Medically Jerked Around; Turnpikes; Cultural spoilers
Ep 41 - False Surprise Surgery; Gambling; Pimple popping videos; The Gospel of Hate
Ep 40 - Vertical Filming; Not Doing Your Research; Found Footage; Waiters Singing Happy Birthday
Ep 39 - Novelty Items; Video Game Ratings; Dress Code Complainers; Marches and/or Protests
Ep 38 Empress Of Melanin - DJs who Can't Read The Room; "I Ain't Your Nocket"; "We Need to Talk"
Ep 37 - Audits; Littering; The Anti-Rape Device; The Bechdel Test
Ep 36 - New Phones; Leaving your kids in a hot car; Passing Leap Frog; Job True Believers
Ep 35 - Price Obfuscation; PETA; Membership Cards; Amusement Park Ticket Prices
Ep 34 - The Hallmark Channel; Weather men; Using Your Kids for Virtue Signaling; Updates
Ep 33 - College; Password Glitches; Textbooks; Ecosexuals
Ep 32 - Slow People In Buffet Lines; "I'm a [blank]" guys; Pirate movies; Assigned Seating at Movie Theaters
Ep 31 - Delivery Tracking; Cuddlists; DIY; Weaponized Consent Laws
Ep 30 - Drum Solos; Petty Theft; Glorifying Violence; Differing Legal Ages
Ep 29 The Biggest Mikey - The Self-Esteem Movement; Black and White Special Editions; Coin Operated Air Compressors
Ep 28 - Burger Topings; Cancer Movies; Crowd Funding; Breakup Songs
Ep 27 Joel Chaco - Fake Beefs; Uninformed Knee-Jerk Reactions; Google's Alternate Directions
Ep 26 - Professional Installations; "Can I speak to your manager?"; Star Trek Discovery; Fan-made Lightsaber Duels
Ep 25 - Vehicle Rental Companies; Greeting Cards; Waterless Urinals; Chicks Who Break Your Toys
Ep 24 - Control Freak Sound Guys; Cold Showers; Scientism; Micro-Aggressions
Ep 23 - DVD/Blu-Ray Previews; Follow-Up Doctor's Visits; Windows 10; Musical Episodes
Ep 22 - Ghostbusters (2016); The 1980s
Ep21 Larry Bleidner - Inconsiderate Noisemakers; Sugary Holidays; Cowards
Ep20 - Earbud Interrupters; Blind Faith; Tiny Houses; Life's Constant Onslaught
Ep19 Razor Fist - Russia; YouTube Monetization; Internet Arguments
Ep18 Randy Santel - Night leg cramps; Bad nutrition; Online shopping
Ep17 Madcucks - Weddings; Rubberneckers; Haters
Ep16 I, Hypocrite - Penmanship Prudes; Beauty and the Beast Backlash; Career Activists
Ep15 Short Sleeve Sampson - The Word "Midget"; Healthy Food Options; Decorative Swords
Ep14 Izzy Nobre - No Designated Loud Children Areas; Brazil; The Oscars
Ep13 Devon Tracey (aka Atheism is Unstoppable) - Germany; Atheism; Regressivism
Ep12 - Fever Brain; Gluten; Sick Call-In Stigma; Public Sector Unions
Ep11 Mike Cernovich/Blonde/Berkeley Brendan - Police Stand Down Orders; False Equivalencies; Downfall of Western Civilization
Ep10 Adam Nash - Shitposting; Initial Reports; Internet Gurus
Ep9 Blonde - The United Nations; Angel Shots; "Peaceful Protesters"
Ep8 Grant J. Kidney - Shitty Fiverr Results; Flip-Flopping; Disrupt J20
Ep7 Matt Christiansen - Corporate Twitter; Chick-Fil-A Hate; Fake Victims
Ep6 Empress of Melanin Racism; Unfriending; Soft Censorship
Ep5  -  Lemon Turkey, Year Blaming
Ep4 Madcucks - Double Parking, Christmas Debt, Derivative Podcasts, Santa Claus Myth, Birth Control
Ep3 - Disney Star Wars, No Siestas, Elf on the Shelf, War on Christmas
Ep2 - Evil Schedulers, Impractical Clothing, Sony Entertainment, Circumcision
Ep1 Larry Bleidner - Throw Pillows, Birthday Weeks, 12-Story Falls, Commie Lovers, Mid-Life Crises