Episode 91 - Three Card Monte


Welcome to HWIDGBurger, home of the Rage Burger, can I take your order? No, we don't have gluten free soda, sir. No, we don't have dairy-free beef either. Our fries are frozen, yes, if you want them fresh here's a potato and a knife. Sir, if you're upset, go to hell please. Otherwise, get out of line, people are waiting to order some delicious:

-Upgrade Downgrades
-Not Taking Care of Your Guys
-Predictive Text
-Hollywood Accounting

New look, same great taste. The lie of the century. They changed it. Otherwise they wouldn't point it out. You take something good, something that works, and you tinker with it and tinker with it until you break it. Thanks a lot iTunes, Netflix, Spotify, or any of you jackholes that think you can increase profit margins by 0.05% by hiding useful settings or going with a minimalistic UI.

Take care of the people that work for you. It's simple. Treat them like humans and not numbers. They'll appreciate it, and even better they'll appreciate YOU. They'll work harder and more dilligently if they know you won't screw them over. If they can't separate you from "corporate", you done goofed. You don't have to give them a handy every day, just tickle the sack a lil bit, you know. Show them you care.

Predicted Tex. It's not like we have a lot of time to make a decision. I will get the money for the ticket and the kids will be there. Why doesn't this make sense? Predicted Tex-Mex. Text. Dammit. It makes dumb people seem smarter than they are and makes smart people seem like iPhone users.

Hollywood! A den of thieves and well-off trust fund kids with monthly subscriptions to RapeBox, the only monthly subscription box full of GHB and Rohypnol. But, it's their accountants that really screw over the people of the city. Playing with the money from multi-billion dollar companies like a 5 year old in a sandbox. Burying something over here, building a hole over here to shovel in sand from other areas, until all you want to do is shove his face in it.

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