Episode 146 - Dishonorable

Apple apple apple, apple apple apple? Apple apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple! Apple apple's apple, apple apple apple apple, apple apples, apple apples. Apple apple apples' apples? APPLE! Apple apple apple Apple apple apples. Apple Applebreaker apple's apple apples, apple apples apple apple applin'. Apple, apple apple apple appled apple apple apple apple's apple:

*Having to Turn to Reddit
*That One Song
*Making a Problem for Yourself
*Discord Culture

Tim the Handlebreaker, a former 8th dan Google-fu master was ceremoniously stripped of his belt this evening after an excruciating 36 hour battle with his latest opponent. This mysterious fighter is known to get into his opponent's heads psychologically and physically, causing major medical trauma. Disgraced and dishonored, Handlebreaker will be forced into exile for 28 years.

The song without a name. Well, it has a name but its name has been kidnapped by the Goblin King and lost in the depths of the labyrinth that is your mind. Now, you're on a journey to rescue it, but there's no fancy puppets by Jim Henson. Instead it's a bunch of other songs you know its not but for some reason your brain keeps bringing them up. Oh, and also it's not a terrible movie.

Whether it's overthinking, underthinking, or just plain stupidity, there are people out there that really like to create problems and then put them onto other people while the answer is right in front of them. Like an ovo-lacto vegetarian looking for a new term to describe themselves when 'hypocrite' is right there.

Hi diddly ho discordino! Hi diddly ho right back atcha discordino number two! You drinkning that good ol' java joe discordino number one? Sure am, discordino number two! You ban anyone for speaking their mind yet today, discordino number two? Only a couple handfuls today discordino number one! Gotta get them numbers up, discordino number two! Uh-oh, gotta install this new update! INSTALLING UPDATE AT 88 MPH! GET IT DISCORDINO NUMBER ONE?! DO YOU GET IT?!

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