Episode 10 - Shitposterama (ft. Adam Nash)


Who the fuck is Adam Nash?

Sad reacts ONLY.

This week, Uncle Buck and Joel Chaco are joined by the world's most prolific shitposter, Adam Nash. 

If you're on the internet for more than 5 hours a day, like the rest of us, you've certainly crossed paths with this man. Or at least this face.

U het it.

U lurv it.

He helped get Trump elected.

In this episode, they bring in the following issues of which they just don't get:

- Shitposting
- Initial Reports
- Internet Gurus

Vist Adam Nash's new platform, nashventuring.life and contribute to the steady supply of shitposting by pitching in at gofundme.com/nashventuring (seriously, go to this link.) 

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