Episode 102 - Blind

Episode 102 Thumb

By day, he's a mild-mannered lighting designer, but by night, he fights crime as The Blind Rage! Blinded in a freak theater catwalk accident, Tab struggles to adapt to his new life as a hideous monster, almost inhuman. One night, he comes across a mugging in an alley. Something inside him flares up, his rage now giving him a form of almost-sight. Hiding his hideous face, he swiftly apprehends the mugger, giving birth to his alter ego! Now, he watches over his city, protecting it from threats like:

* Too Good to Be True
* Breaking the Voting Wall
* Charity
* Unwanted Mosh Pits

Chances are, if something sounds too good to be true, it is. That's just the way the world works. Even if everything works out with whatever it may be, something else will certainly come along and mar it. There are always strings attached, but they're usually hidden very well. And all this is worse than just some other poor occurrence, because it tags along. Example: a piece of poop on your carpet. It stinks, but you've got to buck up and deal with it the best you can. Then on the other hand, you're given a delicious slice of cake. You bite in, only to discover that it's poo flavored. See?

Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote or die because every vote counts. Maybe it would somewhere where everyone voted. Somewhere with more than two parties in power. But that's not here. Sure, there are swing states that flip between parties every few years. There your vote might count. But if you're a republican in California or New York? Good luck. Democrat in Alabama or Mississippi? Why bother? You really thought the Blue Wave could topple fifty plus straight years of Republican rule in a midterm election? Please. Each side will try to gain power every 6 to 8 years, and then it'll flip, repeat ad nauseum.

Let's talk about charity. That's right, it's the time of year for giving. Giving your money to CEOs and hoping they'll trickle down just a lil bit of it to sick kids, epileptic dogs, or whatever is the new hotness. Operating cost is the real charity. If you take 80 percent of the millions and millions of dollars people donate to you for cancer research and *don't* spend it on cancer research, you're not a charity. You're just a business. Regular businesses give to charity to write off some taxes every year anyways. Are those then charities? What percentage of your income needs to go to some good cause in order for you to be a charity?  I say a bit more than 20 percent.

This week's forecast is grim. We've got a rogue mosh pit coming in from the south east at around 20 slams per hour. Now, there's a chance it could pick up speed due to the lack of security this year, and if that happens we could see it turn into a wall of death, and none of us want that, you remember the one that hit us in '04? So I urge all of you to stay away of it's path, even on the outskirts it can be real bothersome. There could be beer showers, strong winds, high speed debris, and even more. Of course I'm a weatherman, so take anything I take with a grain of salt.

Plus, voicemails, news and much more on this week's episode with in-studio guest, musician Ethan Cantrell! As always check out our PATREON and DISCORD for more HWIDG goodness!