Episode 14 - Nobre-ner (ft. Izzy Nobre)

This week, Uncle Buck and Joel Chaco are joined by one of Brazil's biggest YouTube stars, Izzy Nobre. Once again, proving that HWIDG is a truly INTERNATIONAL podcast (even though Izzy lives in the same city as Joel Chaco... Calgary, Alberta, Canada).

In this episode, Izzy talks about his video game and gadget obsessions as well as his disdain for the Oscars.

Uncle Buck talks about the troubles of towing around loud children, and Joel Chaco teaches us the good and the very, very bad about Brazil.

In this episode, they bring in the following issues of which they just don't get:

- Designated Loud Children Areas
- Brazil
- The Oscars


To check out more of Izzy's work, go to his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCga4y235kiSQAS3tDLgbDfQ?spfreload=10

Or if you speak Portuguese go to his bigger channel:

Music featured in the episode:

Placeboing - Chauvinists and Sexists and Misogynists