Tab Birt - is a Lighting and Sound Designer from the Land of Praying Hands, Tulsa Oklahoma, and the creator of the character Madcucks.  When not seething with rage at all of life's minor annoyances he can be found drinking, watching Star Trek, and wanting to be left alone.

Todd Seidel - has nearly 30 near nominations for Academy Awards. When not vandalizing Eastward facing Elementary Schools Todd is usually found at a warehouse in North Tulsa where he hosts an inter-species fighting league.


Host Emeritus

Uncle Buck - Uncle Buck is from North Carolina, and one of the original founders of Here's What I Don't Get.  He is in several bands that you probably wouldn't like.  He's really good at driving forklifts and growing a beard.  He's not very good at writing long descriptions, and even if he was, he would probably still leave it short.

Tim the Handle Breaker - Is wanted in connection with numerous handle related crimes across the central US and Mexico. When not in hiding Tim works as a freelance massage coach in rural Arkansas. In his free time he enjoys planning out his next Handle Breaking in his lair inside the praying Hands of Tulsa.


Joel Chaco - Joel Chaco is the biggest name in bad guy wrestling south of the Panama Canal, but he would literally never tell you. Hailing from the Great White North, Calgary Canada, Joel is a misplaced Red Pill enthusiast. Despite his accused crimes against humanity Joel is actually a cool guy.

Check out Uncle Buck and Joel Chaco’s new show Buck and Chaco where they talk about their faith in an approachable way, in order to encourage the listener to find more time for God in their lives.