Episode 141 - Freaky Cats


From the minds that brought you HWIDG, comes a brand new podcast, its Todd Explains the 80s! Remember the 80's? Tab and Tim don't, so Todd sits down with them every week to explain The Cold War, Reaganomics, John Hughes, Family Ties, Madonna, Duran Duran, and more! So, put on your best shoulder-padded suit, use half a can of hairspray on your hair, an pump some jams on your Sony Walkman and get ready to warp back to the 80's! A magical place where you don't have to deal with:

* Cats: The Musical
* Manufactured Hype
* Streaming Categories
* Another Walking Dead Spinoff

People like cats, the animal, so why wouldn't they like Cats: The Musical? Well, they do, and that's where they're wrong. No substance, stolen music, freaky makeup, and much more. But of course, as any popular musicals go, let's put it on the big screen! Practical sets! Wonderful cat suit costumes! Award-winning makeup! Now COVER IT ALL WITH CGI! And the internet goes wild! I wonder if they'll Sonic it up and touch it up due to the response or if they'll completely ignore it and let these creepy cats be Oscar bait.

You know what's a bad business move? Straight up lying to the world to generate views for your online streaming event. Getting on the bad side of a 2 major companies, one of which is a huge part of your event in the first place, and lying to the hundreds of thousands of people watching SEEMS LIKE A BAD IDEA. 

Welcome to the Streaming Age, where what's new is popular, what's popular is new, what's new is recommended to you, and what's recommended to you is new, popular, trending, and what you've watched before but not what you're watching now! Plus, we have categories like: Award-winning (means nothing) binge-worthy (means nothing) dramedies, British Industrial Sci-Fi from the 1970's, Black-and-White Gambling Biopics, and Overtly Racist Children's Programming Transferred From VHS to Film! And don't forget those instant-play previews! We have ALL THE STUFF. So much stuff that you literally can't decide, so you watch The Office again!

Zombies? Who'd a thunk they'd stay around this long? Certainly not AMC, because the story on The Walking Dead has been sporadic at best, and plucked from a hat otherwise. Now on its 10th season, they're losing main cast faster than an actual zombie outbreak, and there's still 25% left of the comics to go through (3-4 seasons in TV talk)! Plus the spinoff show does well enough (somehow) that it's in it's 6th season despite only one of the 6 or so main characters it started with being alive. And now we're getting another spinoff? Well, jeez if the zombie genre wasn't dead, I think AMC and The Walking Dead killed it. (All this being said Tim still recommends the comics)

Plus more on this week's furry-filled episode! Voicemails, rockin' news, patriotic soda and more salsa than you're expecting! Don't forget to join us on DISCORD and support us on PATREON or by BUYING A SHIRT.