Episode 83 - Bootleg Hotdog Water

Episode 83 Thumbnail

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! Only on Sunday can you catch X-Treme HWIDG! Watch as they fly through the air and crush issues with their bare hands! Adult tickets are 8 dollars advance, 10 at the gate, kids' tickets are free with purchase of one adult tickets. Concessions are half price for seniors. That's right! Only 21 dollars for a Hot Dog Water! Come grab one and see if these issues can stand the heat:
- Our System is Down
-Future Tech
- Notifications
- Off Weekends

Society is screwed. When the eventual nukes either destroy the major data centers or cause massive EMP blackouts, we as a people will not be able to handle the reversion to pen and paper. Too many of our crucial daily systems are entirely reliable on computers, let alone the connected internet. And that's not counting the things you actually want. 2 day shipping will turn into 2 year shipping, and bottle caps as currency isn't far off.

No holograms. No flying cars. No hoverboards. No clear cell phones. No laser swords or rifles. No advanced A.I. No genetic implants. No cool floating HUDs. No tracking bullets. No robot taxis. No power suits or mechs. No walking tanks. No matter replicators. No data crystals. You will get absolutely none of these for hundreds and hundreds of years. Science fiction is a lie.

Bloop. Text. Buzz buzz. Facebook status update. You have 6 unread emails. Check me. CHECK ME! Ding! Congrats phone user, your mind is salivating. Bright primary colors, big numbers, pleasing yet alarming sounds, they've got you by the short 'n' curlies. Ding! Look, it's the new Samsung Pavlov 6, now with even more dog treats per notification!

Everyone wants to work a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. It's simple. Ingrained in our society. We grow up following it in school like it's the way everything should be. Socially, our lives revolve around "the weekend". God help you if you work something else. Days off in the middle of the week or random days off turns the part of your brain that keeps track of the days to mush. Working nights is even worse, especially if you don't have blackout curtains or "anti-kids-playing-outside" technology.

All this and more on this week's episode. Voicemails, movie commentary decisions, and a new enterprising PATREON tier! Check it out, and the DISCORD too!