Episode 131 - Dragonfly Armor


Hey there folks! We know it's been a rough few months since launch, but we're still hard at work over here at HWIDG Studios to give you guys the best experience that PODCAST: THE GAME can be. So, here's the list of updates we're rolling out today to address some issues that have popped up since the Season Four update.

We've completely overhauled the beginning of the game to coincide with the "Flood" update. You'll see that the whole starting area is now underwater, giving you a whole new way to start your game.
To go with the new opening area we've added both boat mechanics and fishing! Every player will start with a LV. 1 Rowboat and LV.1 Fishing Rod, and both of these will be upgradable via the new Flood Lootboxes.
Flood Lootboxes are now available! Each one contains 5 random items ranging from common to Mythic Legendary. Every 10 levels each player will receive 1/10th of a Flood Lootbox piece, but in this update everyone will be granted 1 piece as a free gift! Flood Lootboxes will also be available to purchase for $99.99 per box, or $149.99 for a Flood Lootbox Pro+, which contains a 2% higher chance of earning a Mythic Legendary item! Some of these include the Diamond Merch Hat, Golden SM7b, LV.200 Todd Quips, and:
* Speed Limits
* Flying Bugs
* Equality
* F2P Mobile Games

Some things in life are just made to be broken, like: handles, Batman's spine, and speed limits. Only one of these is ever present on the road though. And for what? So Officer Dickhead can fill his quota because he's got nothing else to do otherwise? How 'bout you keep munchin on that donut instead and I'll get to where i'm going faster? Sammy Hagar got it right, and that's the only situation where you'll hear someone say something positive about Sammy Hagar, so you know he was on to something.

Wings. The worst thing to happen to insects. We thought we were safe, with them so small and on the ground. But then the winged ones came. Are there some cool ones? Sure. Would I get rid of the 5 or so chill ones to get rid of the rest? Absolutely. Flies, gnats, mosquitoes, moths, wasps, cicadas, you name it, I hate it. They're already insufferable outside, so one gets inside? I'm the Terminator and anything with wings is named Sarah Connor. I will destroy you.

Equality. We hear it all the time, that people should be equal. Should they though? One-size-fits-all is a terrible approach, 50% of the people wont mind it and the other 50% are left out. We should just accept that people are different and not try to squeeze everyone into the same mold. You know what you end up with when you combine all the colors together? A brown mess. And nobody wants a brown mess anywhere.

Timers, gold coins, crystals, tokens, diamonds, bonus packs, daily log-in gifts, monthly subscription tiers, $99.99 BEST DEAL 2500 TOKENS, ads for other f2p games, lootboxes, random chance, rarities. You can usually find every single one of these things in a modern mobile free-to-play game. And they're terrible carrot-dangling, rubberbanding A.I timesinks that encourage you to put in a bit here or there until you've spent $1,500 trying to get that Platinum 5-Star Qui-Gon Jinn or what have you. Just absolutely terrible, now if you'll excuse me I need to grind out my 4-Star Limited Cover Howard the Duck.

All that and more on this week's damp episode of the podcast. Who knows, maybe next week we'll come to you live from the Atlantean throne room! Voicemails, news, fish, and even a blind taste-test! Don't forget to join our DISCORD and support us on PATREON. Oh yeah, BUY A SHIRT.