Episode 65 - The Grandma Effect

Episode 65 Thumb

The Asylum Presents Lou Ferrigno in "The Grandma Effect" Buckle up buddy, cause this is another thrilltacular episode of This Is What I Don’t Understand! Action at every corner, drama up the wazoo, and enough side-splitting laughs to fill a 65 gallon drum! This week Tad and Jim investigate these topics:
* Asylum Films
* "Can I Help You With Anything Today?"
* No Demos for Games Anymore
* White Clothing

Critics are raving over the newest chapter in the magical Larry Porter series, The Secret Corridor! Watch as Larry and his pals Don and Hilamine uncover a dark secret at their magic school Pigpimple. The Dark Lord is after them this time after they interrupt his plan to take over the world by producing cheap knock off films. Critics love the CG effects that are dated even for films 20 years older, and the script is pulled from a different Mad Libs book this time! 4 Stars says Big Pete at the Fat Greaser in Wilmington, Wisconsin.

Hey, dummy! Are all these bright colors and big signs making your brainy-wainy hurty-wurty? Well have no fear, [INSERT BIG BOX RETAILER HERE] employees are here to help! No more hours of looking for that one thing you need, we’ll get it for you! Do you need someone to interrupt your conversation every 5 minutes? We offer that too! Do you need anything? Do you need some HELP? DO YOU NEED ANYTHING AT ALL?! DO YOU NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Gone are the days of demos. Those wonderful days where you could try something out before buying it. No, nowadays they expect you to go through the hassle of buying the game, opening it up, installing it, patching it, and then spending a few hours to find out it stinks. GOTTA GET THOSE FIRST DAY SALES. CAN’T LET PEOPLE TRY IT OUT FOR FREE. CAN’T LET THEM FIND OUT IT WON’T BE PLAYABLE UNTIL AFTER THE FIRST THREE WEEKLY PATCHES.

You know, when I’m watching my TV, and a man comes on to tell me how white my shirts could be, I change the channel because I don’t own any white shirts. Because every time I wear one, I spill some wine on it, or accidentally drip some barbecue sauce on it, or a hobo vomits on it. Bleach should serve one purpose, and it’s not for clothes, it’s for mouths. If you wanna spend your time cleaning your shoes or your Miami Vice jacket, be my guest, just don’t include me (unless there’s a wet t-shirt contest).

Plus, we listen to voicemails and reveal what movie we’ll be watching for March’s commentary. Which one of us has been mistaken for a hobo? You’ll have to listen to find out! Remember to visit or Patreon and join our Discord