Episode 49 - Filtered Olympics

Get ready to be under-represented in the Olympics of virtue signaling!  You may experience some filtered pain as we vault into the following issues:

-"I Have No Filter"
-Representation Olympics
-"Men Experience Labor Pain" Videos
-Poor Quality Audio Books

People are lazy.  Every one of us is lazy at some thing duing some point of our lives.  For some folks, it comes in the form of not putting any effort into self-control.  When someone says "I have no filter", what they're really saying is "I don't care enough about myself to maintain any semblance of manners."  Maybe it's self-esteem instead of laziness, but the two are pretty closely linked, anyway.  So, instead of having a modicum of self-respect, the unfiltered among us instead engage in justifying a lack of discretion through mental gymnastics.  And speaking of mental gymnastics . . .

Race is a hot button issue these days, and we're no strangers to the topic on this show.  One of the big buzz words in use today is "representation".  It's the idea that unless every possible corner of human diversity is crammed into something, it's invalid.  Not enough Inuits in your movie about the Bible?  Straight to hell it, then!  But what is really being pushed?  If you look at how laws and economy work, racial equality is on the steady uptick.  The progressive changes that needed to be made have, in fact, been made, so what is the end goal of further flogging the race horse?  Buck predicts a future without racial pain.  And speaking of pain . . .

It's simply a fact of biology that, in most mammals, females give birth to young.  It's how nature has determined that procreation will work, and we may not relish the idea of biological sex roles, but there's currently little we can do to change it.  Simply put, men can't have babies.  It's up to women, and we appreciate that burden of love and labor that mothers must bear to carry on the species.  But, for some women, thanks isn't enough.  Shame must be brought to bear on men for not being physically capable of experiencing labor.  Enter videos of men experiencing simulated labor pain.  I get it; it can give perspective, and it was a neat thought experiment twenty years (or however long it was) ago when it was done for the first time.  But now it's just a trend to somehow show men how durable women are.  Ladies, as a man, let me tell you: we know.  We know you're tough.  We know labor and childbirth are painful.  We get it.  Thank you for giving birth.  Now shut up.  If we wanted to hear it, we'd read about it in a book.  And speaking of reading books . . .

Audio books aren't the newest thing, but they're certainly still somewhat new.  Buck remembers back when they were referred to as "books on tape", and actually came on cassette tapes.  But in an age of rich dramatic interpretation of all forms of media, a lacklustre audio book can leave a bad taste in one's mouth.  This is what happened to Tab, when a recent listen raised the bar for all other audio books, and now there are too many found lacking.

Stove calls in, Sage responds to Sagecucks, and Buck tells a story about impersonating his dad.  Who won the HWIDG look-alike contest?  You'll have to listen to this week's episode to find out!