Episode 24 - Micro-Aggressions

On this week's episode, Tab and Buck have a holy-spirited debate in an echo chamber (literally) as they bring in the following issues:

Control Freak Sound Guys
Cold Showers

Hopefully, Rekieta News Network doesn't give away Tab's secret recording location!  Who would they possibly pass that info along to?  Find out in this week's episode, but first...

Aren't you tired of some pencil-dicked fader jockey with a Napoleon complex lording his most recent phantom penis over you?  I sure am, but Tab seems to think that I'm mistaken in my VERY CAPITALISTIC view that when two people have separate jobs, they both must handle their own responsibilities.  Do you agree with me, or are you going to go against the will of God?  Be careful!  He might punish you by making you run out of hot water during your next shower!  And there's a special section of hell where they'll send the most annoying jerks, and that's the section where instead of eternal fire and brimstone, you're constantly freezing and there's NO hot showers for relief!

As usual, Buck brings in an issue a good two full weeks after it's relevant.  What am I talking about?  Bill Nye and his cring-fest of a show, "Bill Nye Ruins Science".  But it's a symptom of a much larger issue, and that issue is Scientism.  Scientism is the belief that wearing a lab coat and shitting on God gives you the authority to control others' political beliefs.  Things like facts, evidence, and LOGICAL ARGUMENTS be DAMNED; you've got a lot of virtue that you need to signal, so you'd better hire an ugly chick who couldn't carry a note in a burlap sack, put her in an outfit that you stole from Gozer's reject pile, and give a stranger a hand-job.

Does that offend you?  Maybe you've been the victim of a micro-aggression?  But what the hell is a micro-aggression?  Neither Tab nor I start out entirely sure, but by the end of the issue, we're both fairly convinced that it's the result of a micro-penis, because you're too timid to SLAP THAT ASS!

John Duke calls in again, and Buck has some career advice for last week's voicemail star, David Hopkins.