Episode 27 - Where's the Beef? (ft. Joel Chaco)

Join us for an RNN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with none other than Calgary's Most Wanted! Joel Chaco skypes in from parts unknown as he's fleeing the law, but don't be fooled; he's not afraid to stand up and fight. And fight he does!

But first . . . Are you one of the tens of people who really miss your weekly fix of Joel Chaco? Can't get enough of the Cranky Canadian? The Angry Albertan? The Cantankerous Calgarian?

You're in luck, because Joel's new show, HOT CHACO is right around the corner, and this time there's no North Carolinian Ne'er-do-well to muck things up! Look for it to drop some time next week! It'll be at www.hotchaco.com

But if you can't wait till then to get your fix of Chaco, piping hot, don't worry, because our fleeing fugitive is coming in piping hot, almost like something fresh from the oven . . . Am I talking about HOT GOSS? Maybe. Am I talking about a HOT BEEF! You know damn well that I am!

This week our three protagonists bring the following issues:
Fake Beefs
Uninformed Knee-Jerk Reactions
Google's Alternate Directions

Joel Chaco airs out a grief he has with the host of another podcast, and how Buck and Tab got caught up in the swirling whirlpool of real names and fake shames! How did a non-beef get misconstrued as a beef? Listen to Chaco's tale.

Have you ever been awakened by what you can only assume to be a complete moron who has been given a platform on the internet? That's what happened to Buck recently, and he's not going to take in lying down! Buck dishes out a dietary supplement of red pills as he dispels myths about a certain recently demonized micro-ingredient. Which one? Does it even matter? All that has to happen is for one misinformed son-of-a-bitch with a smart phone to put a whiny rant on youtube and suddenly every mommy blogger in the universe is finger-wagging the food industry back into the stone age, where human beings subsisted solely on boiled misery and gluten-free shame sandwiches.

But where is one to go after achieving such heights of rage? You might ask Tab, but all he's going to tell you is that you don't want to ask Google. Why? Because Google has become the equivalent of a five-year-old with a folded map. It knows what it is, it might even be able to pick out a location or two if you show it how, but you'd be better off walking blindfolded in a straight line than trusting it to get you from point A to point B without a bunch of bullshit in-between. Buck nearly drives into a river and Chaco finds too many streets with the same name.

A surprise voicemail from an individual who is very enthusiastic about reading, but should they enthused by the material they've chosen? You'll have to listen in to find out!