Episode 26 - Rage From The Stage

Everyone put on your spy gear, because Tab is skyping in from an undisclosed theater location, and his rage is enough to bring down the house as he and Buck bring in the following issues:

Professional Installations
"Can I speak to your manager?"
Star Trek Discovery
Fan-made Lightsaber Duels

Everyone has to move at some point, and when you do, it's a damned hassle just to get your dvd collection from one place to another, let alone set up all of your utilities such as power, water, and internet.  But, by far, the worst part is shelling out your hard-earned dollars just to have some schlub in coveralls who reeks of body odor and chewing tobacco skulk around your living space for an hour setting up an overpriced modem that would take anyone else forty-five seconds.  If you're dissatisfied, I'd say you could call up the ladder to complain, but there's a problem with that, too...

Some people in this world aren't happy unless they're causing someone else to have a bad day.  Some people have an overinflated sense of being right 100% of the time.  Some people just have to boss others around, and when they don't have the actual authority, they grasp for whatever they can.  Those people, inevitably, want to talk to your manager.  Not because they want better service, but because you stumbled into their targeting zone and now you're in their sights.  Those people cannot live without the cheap validation of having their will imposed on others who are just trying to exist for another day.  Those people live in their own little sheltered reality...

But whose reality is it?  If it's a character from Star Trek Discovery, it isn't the J.J. Abrams reality, even though they rip off the aesthetic.  Tab goes nuclear about everything wrong with Star Trek in general, and Star Trek Discovery in particular, from casting choices, to ship logos, to the incessant virtue signalling of the Star Trek franchise.  But Star Trek's rival isn't doing so great, either...

Buck brings in Fan-made Lightsaber Duels, and why he hates them.  Everyone has seen one of these on youtube or facebook, and everyone has facepalmed and cringed.  They're just that bad.  Even the well-done ones.  It's as if lightsaber duels climaxed in The Phantom Menace and just never recovered.  Well, that doesn't stop every film student in the world from taking a broom handle and filming some sort of poorly choreographed nonsense.  If you're going to do this, at least add either some context or some fresh ideas.

We answer a question about our best/worst college experiences and David fires back at Mel.  Who does Tab consider to be a coward?  You'll have to listen to find out!