Episode 142 - Hobbit Bread

The Return of the King. The Dark Knight Returns. Taken. Rambo. Harry Brown. JOHN FRICKIN WICK. I'M THINKING HE'S BACK. Pulled from retirement, forced into the spotlight again, he returns. One last mission. Crown and cape ready, he soars into 2019 with The Bestest Documentary in the Universe. Nominated for 53 Academy Awards and 1 Razzie, own your copy today! Also, something about a podcast:

* Other People's Kitchens
* Subscriptions
* Delivery Drivers Forgetting Your Stuff
* Limited Adoption of Ethernet Cables

Navigating other people's kitchens is like stepping into an alternate reality where MC Escher is god and up is white and black is Tuesday. The plates are in the pantry and the oven is in the freezer. Good luck finding a spoon, you've got to travel through the Jungles of Chult, the Mines of Moria, take a left at Albuquerque, and through a wardrobe.

No one owns anything anymore. We're all slaves to our debit cards and monthly statements. Previously it was houses and magazines. Now, its games, movies, clothes, anything you can download or ship, we've got a subscription for you! And we can take it back at anytime without warning you just because we say so. Watch out, in 2020 Netflix is creating SubRepo. You try to cancel your subscription, and three buff dudes come to your house, tie you to a chair and beat you back into subscribing. Also, they cancel your favorite show, like the Yakuza cutting off a pinky.

Delivery drivers get paid like shit, believe me I know. But, somewhere in the chain of me ordering a pizza, breadsticks and a drink, and the driver arriving with 2/3 things, something went wrong. Is the answer robots? Do we turn to delivery drones? Can I shoot the drone if it picks a pepperoni off of my pizza? Can it shoot me if I don't tip? I don't have the answers, I just ask the questions.

Ethernet Cables are the uber cable. Able to carry data like an all-star running back, both in speed and length, you'd think we would apply it everywhere. Instead, its relegated to a subset of power users. It's easy to make by yourself! If we adopted it everywhere, you could make the perfect cable length! No more buying a 50 foot cable when you need 40 feet! It's so easy you just measure,then-what? People don't want cables? At all? Oh yeah.

All this and more on this week's episode! Behind the scenes talk, surprises for Tim, voicemails, and much much more! Dont forget to join us on DISCORD, and support us on PATREON or by BUYING A SHIRT.