Episode 105 - Wonderwall 4 Jesus

Episode 105 Thumb

Come with me on a journey. A journey to a place where everyone is sick, the ground is littered with used tissues, noses are red, and your box of medicine constantly looks like it's been ransacked. A land of broth and cracker meals, and muscles too weak to carry body to the shower. This is Flu and Cold season. Buckle up and see how long my eyes can fight this Benadryl. Oh also we talk about this stuff on the podcast:

* Clothes Sizing
* Corporate Communal Property
* Christian Rock
* Lego Ghostbusters Woes

Clothes don't fit. You need new ones but the sizes. They're all crazy people. Too short too long, tight here but not there why? Just make the shirts the same sizes. And the pants.

The scooters are everywhere. On the streets getting the childrens hooked on scooting. I am declaring war on anybody who rents scoots to the community. If I catch you renting scoots I will not consider you a brother nor a friend.

Rockin for Jesus ain't cool. You're not making Jesus cool, you're making rock lame. Please don't rock 4 Jesus unless one of those Christian rock labels give you lots of money, then sing about great he is and that he loves you and you get on your knees and " praise" him. But haha it's not Jesus it's some dude named Craig.

Please make the Ghostbusters Legos good. Tab had been very good boy this year Danish Santa. He buy the Lego but they don't fit. He wanna close the door please. He cry. He say he don't but he cry when car don't fit. Please.

And more on the podcast. We got your voicemails and bacon. DISCORD and PATREON please. Thank you.