Episode 145 - Bear Mace Windu


2019: the year of long-awaited fulfillment! TOOL, Missy Elliott, and The Raconteurs dropped new music after 10+ years, we saw the culmination of 10 years or Marvel movies and were graced with both a new Tarantino film and Alita: Battle Angel which was announced in 2003. But if there's one thing that has been most looked-forward to by millions of people around the world, it's this month's update for Steam! That's right, after a measly SIXTEEN years, the schlubs at Valve have finally decided that 2003-era UI/UX for your game library is maybe a little behind the times. So, enjoy it gamers, but be prepared to wait until 2035 to get your next one. But it's okay by then we;ll have holograms, data crystals, full-body VR pluguits, and:

* Rich People Reality TV
* Home Invasion Fantasies
* IMDB Trivia
* Bad Google Maps

He is a professional glue sniffer, and she knits hats for baby monkeys, they're looking for a new house in the Cayman Islands and have a budget of 4 Million dollars. He literally only wants a room big enough to put a pool table, and she has a list of 67 things that all contradict each other. Will they choose House A: a dirt shack, House B: a 15 million dollar magical floating mansion, or House C: an MC Escher-built monstrosity that has room for a pool table? Surprise! It's House A, they'll kick it over and build exactly what they want on that plot of land, so join them next week on House Builders International. Will Bill get his pool table room? No. He wont, but he'll have to live with it because she didn't sign a pre-nup.

ABP: always be planning. Sleeping in a new, place? Find every exit, every possible entry point, triple-check the locks, have some type of weapon in arm's reach from the bed, know what you can improvise as a weapon in each room, and realistically, this is all for naught. But you do it anyways, because we all want to be John Wick in the middle of the night when Russian thugs break into your penthouse.

Did you know Steven Spielberg directed Jurassic Park? Trivia! Did you know that Samuel L. Jackson who was in Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg was also in Star Wars Episode 1, directed by George Lucas and that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg know each other? Trivia! Did you know that the writer of the 2019 Shaft reboot thought of Matthew McConaughey for the lead role for approximately .5 seconds as a joke? TRIVIA! 56 OUT OF 58 PEOPLE FOUND THIS USEFUL!

What’s a GPS system? Google has taken a whole industry and brought it down. Need to go somewhere? GOOGLE MAPS IT! So you’d think that they’d have all the technology of all previous GPS systems and of the GPS companies they’ve eaten integrated perfectly into their own. Plus they’re integrated into millions and millions of phones everywhere, so they’ve got their own web of GPS data. SO WHY THE HELL DOES IT NOT WORK WHEN YOU WANT IT TO?

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