Episode 144 - Lesbian Space Crime


Welcome to the First Annual HWIDG Space Crime Consortium. We've gathered top leaders in space crime knowledge from around the world and are here to start the path on space crime imprisonment and rehabilitation. First off, we've got a preliminary list of your classic space crime prisons, including: self-sufficient spaceship prison, space mining penal colony, cryogenic stasis laboratory, and the classic fend-for-yourself survival planet with killer aliens/ environmental hazards. A popular vote will be held in 30 minutes sharp, mark one selection only, and then we will move on to our first panel Ethics in Space Criminal Housing as it Pertains to Eventual First Contact, thank you and enjoy the shrimp bar.

* Companies Using Franchises as Pawns
* Having to Grin and Bear It
* Companies Ignoring Product Flaws
* Teachers

They always say divorce is hardest on the kids. How Peter Parker is handling it, we do not know, but what we do know is that Dad posted a real sweet picture of him and little Pete on Facebook that said "look what you're taking away from me" so he could maybe get some sympathy points before the custody hearing. And you know what? That's a dick move.

Getting chewed out by your boss? Gotta take it or lose your job. Being apologized to by your boss for said chewing out? Gotta stone face it, can't blow up in his face about how wrong he was, or lose your job. Unfortunately this is how we've got to go through life. Dave Chappelle showed us what happened When "Keepin' It Real" Goes Wrong, you wind up on the streets, playing someone's pipe for a hit of that sweet, sweet crystal. And believe me, it's hard to come back from that.

Revision. The page you can find it on in the dictionary has apparently been ripped out of most companies' dictionaries. A revision? You mean the next model up in price? That's what you must mean. We don't fix the 50 dollar product, we just make you buy the 200 dollar one. You found a bug on level 6 and you googled it and it's been there for 5 years? Duh, that's because we've got to put out these microtransactions for the game and port it to VR.

How many great teachers did you ever have? Good, even? Lazy? Bad? Evil? No matter where you are, you get the whole spectrum. We've all faced the wrath of the old fogey with tenure. Why do we watch movies in class every day? You're literally not teaching anything, while kids that actually want to learn and work are forced to just sit there. Why pick some random kid to pick on? Yeah, you just came from a teacher's seminar on how to stop bullying and come back and pick on kids. You sound like real nice person, there.

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