Episode 7 - Get Skagged (ft. Matt Christiansen)

This week, Uncle Buck and Joel Chaco are joined by rising YouTube/podcast star, Matt Christiansen (formerly known as Skagg_3). You know you recognize him, from that YouTube clip you saw that one time. He makes a lot of those.

 Matt regales the boys with his tales of being accused of being a white supremacist (something Joel Chaco experienced last week as well), and his fascinating tale of his encounter with Mic reporter Sarah Harvard, who ran with a fake story that Matt and a friend fed her as a test of her integrity.

Matt is the co-host of the Beauty and Beta Podcast, as well as running his own successful YouTube channel that has been featured on both The Young Turks (negatively) and Louder With Crowder (positively).

In this episode, they bring in the following issues of which they just don't get:

- Corporate Twitter
- Chick-Fil-A Hate
- Fake Victims

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Find Matt on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxeY-wRrb65Jt37QHa5xMog