Episode 18 - Food Challenger (ft. Randy Santel)

This week, Uncle Buck and Joel Chaco are joined by professional eater, food challenger, body builder, and future dietitian Randy Santel

A huge hit in the Buck household, Randy Santel has over 470 wins, when it comes to food challenges. You know the types... "Eat this monster burger in under 12 minutes, and it's free!", and "Finish this monster breakfast, and get a place on the wall of fame!"

Randy is a rising star, both in the world of food challenges, and on YouTube where his channel surpassed the 300k subscriber count.

You can find him and his wins over on YouTube , and on his website foodchallenges.com .

In this episode, they bring in the following issues of which they just don't get:

- Night leg cramps
- Bad nutrition
- Online shopping

Music Featured in this Episode:

Weird Al Yankovic's Eat It, live in Amsterdam

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