Episode 113 - Seventy Seven (ft. Tony from Hack the Movies)

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We're filing a missing persons report, one Timothy J. Handle Breaker has been reported missing from his home underneath the I-244 interchange. He was last seen wearing a Coheed T-Shirt and a ceremonial necklace of broken handles. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of Mr. Handle Breaker please call us at 704-750-9434. Filling in this week we have Tony from Hack the Movies and we're talking about these important issues.

Fortune Tellers
Toxic Masculinity

"We report you decide" "Only the news fit to print" "Coverage you can count on" at this point I'd sooner count on Ron Burgundy than the slack ass reporters we have working today. After the 24 hour news cycle died it wasn't replaced with caring or considerate news instead it was replaced by up to the second outrage porn to get the two minute hate in as often as possible. Worse is that these journalists while simultaneously playing pariah suffer zero consequences when their sensationalist news destroys people's lives. They just wander on like David Banner to destroy the next city on next week's episode of the Incredible Bulk.

It's finally here! The Ghostbusters 3 you've been waiting for since Ghostbuster 2! Bad news though, Ghostbusters sucks. That's right I said it. It's a brand that has become so diluted by garbage that is there really anything there worth seeing? They made one great film, and then a mediocre but still enjoyable sequel, and then a bunch of lame cartoons and video games. It's been 30 years, it's time to call the time of death. Let the movies of the past be just that, past, you're not going to milk a Star Wars out of the love of one movie.

As a HWIDG fan you are strong, but sometime you feel like you can't do enough. You like to be the life of the party, but other times you want to be able to sit in the peace of your own space. Your love life is sometimes electrifying and satisfying, and then you'll feel like you are spinning your wheels. Some days you feel like a stranger in your own body unsure of your choices, and others you are the head honcho ready to get things done. Do you think this describes you? Then you my friend are at risk of being fortune told. The biggest scam in the Universe.

In the words of the great Kel of Keenan and Kel. "I'm a dude, your a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes." Yet in this world where we should have equality there is a poison lurking beneath the surface. That's right. Toxic Masculinity. You or someone you know may be suffering from Toxic Masculinity right now. Do you or a loved one have issues with following directions? Experience rage at other drivers on the road? Condemn others for the insecurities they feel? Well then you may be entitled to legal compensation, just call the law offices of Phaxton, Thaxton, Sexton, and Flax Attorney's at Lunch today!

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