Episode 143 - First World Problems


Forget everything you know about 2019 and start looking to 2020. Why? Only because the greatest sport to ever hit the airwaves is coming back for your pleasure. That’s right, the XFL is back, and they’ve announced the first eight teams already, and we here at HWIDG are proud to bring you the official announcement of the ninth team! Joining the teams from Dallas, Houston, L.A., NY, St. Louis, Seattle, Tampa Bay, and Washington will be the Tulsa Handlebreakers! Featuring the original himself, and 10 lab-grown mutant clones, the Handlebreakers are sure to be a shoe-in for the league’s first title which includes a prize of $1,000,000, a drip to Disneyworld, and:

Impolite Kids
How Good We Have It
People Being Emphatically Wrong

There’s two types of seniority in the world. The first is the kind you look up too. The quiet, wisely old sage that can teach you about the ways of the world. The second is the loudmouth happenstance that obscenely flaunts their seniority because they have nothing else in life to live for. It means nothing unless you have the chops to back it up, and if you did, you wouldn't be such a jackass about it.

It seems these days that parents don’t like to say no to their kids. Guess what? They're going to hear it when they grow up and freak out. If you hand them everything they want and let them do whatever, that's how they get pregnant at 14 and on MTV. Are kids gonna cry and throw a fit? They sure are. That's life. You can't replace that with an iPad. Send them to their room and let them read a book for christ's sake, get some culture into them.

Sometimes we take life here in the U.S. for granted. Other folks are out there fighting to catch up to us freedom-wise, fighting riot cops and using lasers to confuse facial recognition technology. While we sit back in our comfy AC-cooled houses having a "post-apocalyptic" novel about resistance fighters overthrowing a fascist cyborg regime read to us on an Amazon Alexa, while waiting for a stranger to pick up and deliver too much fast food for us .

Some people just don't like facts. Whether they're in politics, or just a rando on the internet, sometimes you find yourself yelling at someone for being just about as wrong as someone can be. Ignoring facts to fill an agenda, or even worse, calling the facts fake, just so they can be right makes for an awful person. And there's just something about it that can make it hard to stop arguing with them because they are so wrong.

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