Episode 99 - Not Canon

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The multiverse. Universes layered on top of each other, singing in different frequencies, never coming in contact. The hero of Earth Prime, The Rage Machine, protects his section of his universe, unaware of the vast tapestry of worlds that lies around him. But one day, a rift in space opens above his hometown. Out comes The Handlebreaker. A villainous destroyer of Earths throughout the multiverse. When The Rage Machine arrives to investigate, he learns of the diabolical plans, the concept of parallel Universes, and...... love? Yes, when these two rivals in every other sense get together, nothing can stop the inevitable. Their children will rule the multiverse and be named:

Diet Food
Getting Lost
Picking Scabs (Warning: this one gets gross)

Diet versions of food and drink. Either they're indistinguishable and therefore still not healthy, or they don't taste like the original at all and therefore are healthy but terrible. They're made for weak people that can't live without their soda and cookies. And usually they eat/drink the amount of the diet product needed to surpass the calories of the original! If all we had we're diet foods, we'd be exactly the same, and we'd have diet diet foods.

Getting lost in life stinks. The days blur together, you think you have no one to talk to, and you bottle up everything inside. At least for guys that's how it is. Societally we can't show weakness, we can't ask for help, god forbid we see a professional about it. And I don't wanna sound like an antidepressant infomercial, but you can! You can do all those things, and if anyone around you says otherwise, they're not worth your time. 

Why do we pick at our cuts, poke at our bruises, scratch at our bug bites? Why is it so fascinating to peel off that big scab? I chalk it up to natural human curiosity. The human body is crazy, and seeing it work for that short time, healing up that wound can be very interesting. We usually don't get to see past the skin.

"Sonic the Hedgehog gets knocked on the head and wakes up on the bridge of the Enterprise-D! He falls in love with Commander Worf, but Lt. Data won't allow it! So Data opens up a rift in time and space and brings mild mannered reporter for the Daily Bugle, Clark Kent to help stop the blue menace." - The Blue Blur Meets the Blue and Red Blur, Chapter 1/8,235. 4.2 Stars. Now a major motion picture!

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