Episode 29 - Biggie Mikey Likey

Mikey from The Biggest Mikey Podcast joins us this week, making him our first host since Tab joined the crew! And boy, did we have a good time as we brought in the following issues:

The Self-Esteem Movement
Black and White Special Editions
Coin Operated Air Compressors

How do you feel today? How did that question make you feel? Do you know you're very, very special? No? Good, because you're not! Some prick teacher in California decided to try coddling his students instead of teaching them, and somehow the notion caught on until it became an epidemic of drum circles, safe spaces, and stupidity. Buck tries to lay out the facts in black and white, but Mikey someone may have taken issue with that . . .

Do you remember that awesome movie you watched recently? How would you like to pay to see it again after someone opened the file in a video editor, turned the color saturation down to zero, and exported it (which is, seriously, less than twenty mouse clicks worth of work)? If you feel like that's a rip off, them Mikey agrees with you! As it turns out, a good black and white movie has to be filmed in a very specific manner, and cutting corners produces a half-baked product that leaves the impression that the director is just full of himself and his inflated ego. And speaking of inflating things . . .

Tires for your vehicle are a precious, expensive commodity. It's in your best interest to take care of them at nearly all costs, unless you're Tab Birt, who argues that $1.50 is way too much to spend on keeping your tires inflated. I try to reason with him, citing such ideas as capitalism and the free market, but it's to no avail, and even Mikey jumps on the band wagon (and under Tab's skin) as we nitpick his argument. But who's in the right? Should compressed air be free, or is that a slippery slope into COMMUNISM? You be the judge, and call in with your thoughts on the matter for next week's show!

We get voicemails from some new faces (voices?) and even the hit new transgender single, as well as a few tales of breakup songs (keep 'em coming, btw)! Can you tell the difference between Buck and Tab by looking? Find out who does in this week's episode!