Episode 11 - Broken Berkeley (ft. Mike Thernobitch, Blonde, and Berkeley Brendan)


This week, Uncle Buck and Joel Chaco have a packed house of guests, as they are joined again by the lovely and sharp-witted Blonde, who hosts her Blonde in the Belly of the Beast channel on YouTube, and is co-host on Beauty and the Beta podcast, as well as Berkeley Brendan, a fan of the show who was present at last week's riots on the UC Berkeley campus.  

As well, and as promised, Buck and Chaco welcome very special guest, Mike Thernobitch, who is a hyporite, snake oil salesman, political ass clown, and overall piece of shit. He rambles on for 5 minutes and then doesn't even do the solid of retweeting the episode.

This is a special episode that we couldn't wait to share with you, our Patreon producers.

In this episode, they bring in the following issues of which they just don't get:

- Police Stand Down Orders
- False Equivalencies
- The Downfall of Western Civilization

You can check out Mike Thernobitch's blog and books at his website www.tamponsformen.com

You can also visit Blonde's YouTube channels at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpbyOgUSjTSPpvVUAT2OyHw

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Original Music presented in the show: Punch Some People in the Face (Remix) by Placeboing, can be found at https://youtu.be/WhEIz9SzrPk