Episode 148 - High-Priced Nazi Memorabilia


Welcome back from vacation folks! Welcome back to city life, being underpaid and overworked, a general rudeness and much much more. But, maybe instead you can think back to your vacation. Whether you spent your time with your toes in the sand, or your boots on a mountain, or standing in line at the all-you-can-eat shrimp buffet on a cruise-liner, think of it as your happy place. Don't picture your boss, picture your tour guide. Don't picture the hammer you're holding, picture a nice stiff drink. Don't picture the hammer entering your boss's skull, imagine that you're offering tour tour guide a nice drink! Don't think about the cops tasing you, instead imagine that tantric massage you had on vacation. Don't think of the cold cell floor, think of that cooling pillow in your vacation bungalow and drift off to the sweet sounds of us discussing:

* Delivery By Amazon
* Drink More Water
* Rambo Reviews
* Work Updates on Vacation

It seems more and more that Amazon is becoming what we feared Google would become. Don't get me wrong, Google is still invading every facet of your digital life, but Amazon, they got that tangible, physical side in a half-nelson and they're coming for you next, brother. They're taking over you groceries at Whole Foods, trying to replace your Wal-Mart with their Amazon Go stores, replacing your bookstore with their own Amazon Books, and if two days wasn't fast enough to ship you your items, buckle up buddy, because Amazon is aiming for ONE day shipping and if those slow dullards at the Postal Service and UPS can;t get it done, by golly they'll do it themselves (by contracting some schlep and underpaying them). Just imagine, within the next five years, you'll wake up in your Amazon Bed, grab a cup of Amazon Coffee, order a breakfast pastry from Amazon Blink Instant Delivery Drones, and drive to work at Amazon in your Amazon Self-Driving Car.

One of the most annoying things I can think of is having someone tell you to do something *as* you're doing it. You could be sweating your balls off, holding a hammer and nails and your boss would still stop you, make you come to his office, look you in your eyes and ask you to put up the new fence. It's one of the few things in life I feel is justifiable with murder. "Did you hear what John did at work? Yeah, heard he smashed his boss's face in to his desk about a hundred times? Rough stuff man, he'll probably be in prison for the rest of his life. Oh, no, you didn't hear? They cleared him on all charges. What? Yeah, apparently his boss asked him to do the thing he was already in the middle of doing. Oh, man, what a hero."

Look, the new Rambo movie isn't perfect. It's not amazing. I've got some problems with it, but it's totally a serviceable revenge movie that also serves as the end of the movie series. Does it end on a great high note? Not particularly. But, it's like a western in that way, giving the hero a bittersweet ending after having accomplished his final task. But professional movie critics these days don't see movies as movies. They seem them as a backdrop to write about their own feelings. Apparently the new Rambo was "decried [for] the script, graphic violence, and what they perceived as racist and xenophobic attitudes toward Mexico". Which, the first one, I'll give you. It's not a groundbreaking script full of twists and turns, but it's not a stinker. The graphic violence? Amazing. I don't remember how many times i "OOOOH'd" as Rambo's traps impaled and exploded dudes. And as for the 'racism'? The one Mexican reviewer I found that didn't like the film, didn't think so.


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