Episode 82 - A Febreze Bottle Full of Vodka

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Four Issues, only one winner. Welcome back to the International Here’s What I Don’t Get Cup, where finest issues from all around the world come to do battle. That’s right Russ, and tonight we’re down to the semifinals of this competition, where the last four issues are going head to head, just like the heroes of Battle For Earth 3: Devastation, in theaters now! And, before we get to tonight’s first match we’re proud to present a 45 minute experimental dance routine brought to you by RC Cola! Now let’s see who’s playing tonight, and then, it’s party time!
* Vitamins
* American Sports Broadcasting
* Disregarding Democracy
* Having More Than Two Pets

Vitamins. Modern day snake oil. Did you know vitamins are made from powdered jellied calf feet and the spectral remains of homeopathic doctors? It’s true. As true as vitamins being healthy for you. What’s that? They’re not healthy for you? Nonsense. Why else would there be entire national store chains built to sell them to you? Or medical professionals giving them to your children? See? They’re fine. Doesn’t your kid want to be a Flinstones kid? We make them into jellies shaped like fruits now! Isn’t that adorable? What do you mean predatory? Get out of my office, and take these free vitamin samples with you!

Commercials! Who doesn’t love ‘em? Buy this, sell that, watch this, pre-order that. It’s amazing we can do anything for ourselves anymore. We’ve gone past They Live levels of commercialization, and have now firmly settled into an era of post-awareness, unironic love of brands. And you know who loves brands the most? American sports. From the players’ uniforms and athletic gear, to the halftime shows brought to you by Pepsi, you can’t go 5 seconds in a football or basketball game without seeing a logo or brand name. We’ve reached a point where I would rather the brands send their own representatives to fight it out instead of the sports. Brand Deathmatch, brought to you by the Only Formerly International Podcast That Tackles All Of Life’s Toughest Issues™. You can ring my bell.

If the people vote on something, they want it. Do not take it from them. It’s quite simple.  

Two pets or 75 pounds, whichever comes first. New law was enacted today that limited the worldwide household limit of indoor pets to two. People all around the world rejoiced as the bill went into effect, clearing sinuses and backyards everywhere. Pet owners everywhere were relieved at the additional income due to no longer having to buy as much hypoallergenic red meat-free organic kibble. Individual pets happiness is also reported to be up by upwards of 200% due to additional scritches and tummy wubs. Additionally and also possibly connected, the lint roller industry is being mourned today, more on that at 7.

All this and more on this fantastic smelling episode of HWIDG! Leave a voicemail, vote on this month’s movie commentary, visit the Discord and the Patreon, do all of these, and you too can drink your vodka out of a Febreze bottle!