Episode 84 - Sweaty Used Hats

Episode 84 Thumb

Whoa there brother, slow your roll. You're messing with the most American™ formerly international podcast around, HWIDG®. You step up to us on this, our most hallowed day? The day to end all days?! The day represented by red, the color of the blood we shed? And by blue, the color of the blood we shed before we shed it? And by white, the color of the cells in said shed blood? Back down brother, or you'll wind up like these puny issues:

- Communism
- Coke Freestyle Machines
- Flag Stuff
- Not Taking the Plastic Off

Communism! Now for America! Winner of more than 200 Proletariat of the Year Awards, Communism American Edition brings the epic fantasy to life in stunning detail. The American Edition includes the critically acclaimed ideology and add-ons with all-new features like propagandized art and effects, authoritarian-god praise, dynamic deaths in fields, seized means of production, and more! Communism American Edition: new look, same great taste.

Speaking of new looks with same great(🤢) tastes, these Coke Freestyle machines have been around for a few years now, infesting more and more of your favorite restaurants. It's future tech without the foresight of support. They slow the line down to a crawl, there's always half of the options greyed out, and they overload the minds of morons that just stand there going through every possible drink choice. If this is the future of soda, just ban it all.

It's that time of year again. Get your USA hat on, your stars-n-stripes tank top, your American flag trackpants, load up your decaled Ford F-350 with 40 pounds of Mexican boom boom sticks, blast some Ted Nugent, give the double birds to a pack of brown kids on your way to grab a keg of delicious Natty Light, pick up your sister-wife from your Mom's trailer, hit the road, and drive yourself off a cliff you disrespectful jackhole.

How much of an idiot do you have to be to keep the attached list of features on your brand new 4K UHD HDR Quantum Pixel TV? Do you really need the giant red triangle cutting off the corner of your screen to remind you that it's 75 inches wide? You probably think the screen doesn't look so hot anyways because you haven't taken the plastic off the screen and it's bubbled up and warped. You absolute knobhead. PEEL IT OFF!

All this and more on this week's oh so patriotic episode. We've got Dallas recaps, 4D shenanigans, voicemails and more! Check out the Patreon and the Discord fellow Americans!