Episode 67 - We Don't Believe in Napkins

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On a dark and stormy night, you hear a rap-rap-rapping on your door. The creaks and moans of your family’s ancient home warn you of the danger that awaits. You ignore them, opening that door to let the stranger in from the cold. But no one is there. “It must’ve just been some debris from the storm,” you assure yourself as you close the door. Then the stench hits you. Like the wicked offspring of mildew and rancid garden vegetables, it emanates from behind you. You turn around and face the horror of…….this week’s episode of HWIDG! Where we discuss these issues:
* Industry Award Circle Jerk
* Poorly Constructed Sandwiches
* Family Tech Support
* Beer

"Who are you wearing tonight?” It's probably the worst question ever invented by man. Frequently asked on the red carpet, it only serves to inflate the egos of everyone involved. That’s why I intend to run for office, solely on the platform that we turn red carpets into lava. Sure, you can have your ego boost, but at the cost of your feet. No more shall the feet of the Hollywood elite be able to stomp on the masses. No longer shall the illuminati be in control of the lovely feet of movie stars all over the world. This is my one promise to you, the people of [INSERT CITY HERE]. Handlebreaker 2020 y’all.

Look, the sandwich is one of the world’s most versatile foods. It’s easy to hold and carry, you can put just about anything in them, and they’re quite easy to make! But if your sandwich looks like Shaggy and Scooby made it, take it away from me. We’re tired of food made for Instagram likes and not for actually eating. If you need 2 pounds of mayo to hold your sandwich together, you need to go back to the drawing board, or if you like mayo so much, dunk your head in to a vat of it until you run out of air.

No, Grandma, Chrome isn’t a virus. Sound familiar? I think most people 35 and under with any knowledge of technology have had to guide a family member through some tech support at one point or another. Whether it’s email woes or dust-caked CPU fans, it can be painful to see people not understand basic concepts. Sure, sometimes it’s a hassle to get the audio receiver to switch over to the Blu-ray player. All those remotes and buttons must just melt together in their minds. My advice is to just grin and bear it, but make sure you get payment of some kind. You deserve it.

IPAs? Bitter yeast water. Stouts? Bitter yeast water. Pilsners? Bitter yeast water. Lagers? Bitter yeast water. Brown ale? Bitter yeast water. See where I’m going with this? Beer sucks. The most it should be used for is cooking. I’m tired of hearing about it and seeing it. No one needs a university brewing degree. Yes those exist. Screw your beer, screw your microbreweries, but most of all screw your “this one is very hoppy with hints of cherry” snobbery. You’re drinking old grain water, get over yourself.

Plus, voicemails, news, oh and one of us is free of a major lawsuit. Listen to find out who! If you wanna fight me about beer, join the Discord!