Season Four - Tab, Tim, & Todd
Ep 137 Kotojak -
Coming Soon
Ep 136 -
Erasing the Evidence of Your Tomfoolery, Boomers Not Knowing How Computers Work, HBO, James Cameron's Avatar, Shyster Hospital Billing
Ep 135 -
Las Vegas, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Celebrity Restaurants, Stopping Just Before the Finish Line
Ep 134 -
Ticket Fees, Abortion, Small Item Insurance, Homelessness
Ep 133 -
Colleague Competitions, Pre/Post Shows, Gluten Intolerance, Commitment
Ep 132 -
Disney Live Action Remakes, "Call Me If You Need Anything", New Mac Pro, Amateur Hour
Ep 131 -
Speed Limits, Flying Bugs, Equality, F2P Mobile Games
Ep 130 -
Weather Freak Outs, Moochers, Petitions, Homeopathy
Ep 129 -
Shirtless People, PC Controllers, Punitive Efficiency, Non-Profits, Reviving An IP For The Trend
Ep 128 Joel Chaco from
Buck and Chaco - Big Plugs, Coffeehouse Covers, Not Cursing
Ep 127 -
Bad Comedy, Party Poopers, Pick and Choose Spoilers, Manufactured B Movies
Ep 126 JP & Grant from
The Dickheads Podcast - Instant Gratification, Warning Labels, Pronouns, Easter Grass
Ep 125 - Parental Perks, The New Hellboy Movie, A-Hole Forum Posters, Church Drums
Ep 124 Agoraphobic Paul - St. Louis, Big Data Accountability, Gaming Journalism
Ep 123 - Unowned Media, April Fool's Day, Automaton Culture, Bank Commercials
Ep 123 April Fools - The Mandela Effect, The Parenthood Penalty
Ep 122 -
Overcomplicated Restaurant Menus, Closed Economies, Error Codes, No Buttons
Ep 121 - Small Governments, Florida, TV Hacking, Store Layouts Changing
Ep 120 - Product Lines, Restaurant Birthdays, Passwords
Ep 119 - Digital Survivalists, The Cone Of Shame, Cultural Touchstones, Law & Order: SVU
Ep 118 - The Red Carpet, Feeding The Ego, Giving Up Easily, School Buses
Ep 117- Marijuana Activists, Picking Apart Everything, Technical Difficulties, The Toe Bro
Ep 116 - Not Being Warned, Health Insurance, Wanting To Fix The Unfixable, Buying Gifts For Other People
Ep 115 Officer Kevin & Officer Grant from
Thought Cops - Quoting Orwell, Super Bowl Halftime Shows, People that only watch the Super Bowl for the Commercials, Slow Deaths
Ep 114 Crippled Jesus -
The Uber Quality, Spectrum Mandatory Meetings, Environmentalism
Ep 113 Tony from
Hack the Movies - Journalism, Ghostbusters, Fortune Tellers, Toxic Masculinity
Ep 112 -
People Putting Stuff On Your Car, Influencers, Nostalgia Pandering, Non-Powered Tools
Ep 111 -
Putting it Back in the Box, Speeding Tickets, This 1988 Dr. Pepper Commercial, Celebrity YouTube
Ep 110 -
Hiking, Ruining the Classics, Retired Action Heroes, Taking a Baby to a Restaurant
Ep 109 -
Subtweeting, Not Admitting Your Biases, Mobile Game Timers, Abandoning the Final Frontier
Ep 108 Dick Masterson -
Greedy Nintendo, Boob Drop GIFs That Are Too Slow, A Lack of Curiosity
Ep 107 -
Risk Aversion, Fire Alarms, Patio Eating, Bad Trailer Music
Ep 106 -
Upstagers, Consequences after the Credits, The Tumblr Ban, Vegans
Ep 105 -
Clothes Sizing, Corporate Communal Property, Christian Rock, Lego Ghostbusters Woes

Season Three - Tab & Tim
Ep 104 Uncle Buck - Burning the Coffee Pot, Too Many Emails, Useless Soundboard Customer Support, Black Month
Ep 103 -
Being Sick, Tabloids, The Quiet Man, The Peter Principle
Ep 102 -
Too Good to Be True, Breaking the Voting Wall, Charity, Unwanted Mosh Pits
Ep 101 -
Controllers, Discord, No Dark Mode, Dongles
Ep 100 -
Resellers, Drunk Old Heads, Online Garage Sales, Forced Stealth Sections
Ep 99 -
Diet Food, Getting Lost, Picking Scabs, Fanfiction
Ep 98 -
Break Ups, Phone VR, The End of the World, The Restart Dilemma
Ep 97 Alan Foster -
Bad Scheduling, Beer Shaming, Spoofing
Ep 96 -
Taking Your Dogs Places, Forever, Episode 6 - "Andre and Sarah", Google's Listening/Hostage Strategy, Phone Call Run Arounds
Ep 95 -
80s Reboots/Revivals, The 5G Push, Not Adapting, Incomplete News
Ep 94 -
Terrestrial Radio, Choice Paralysis, Ceremonies, Daytime TV
Ep 93 -
Autoplay Ads, The Mail, Leaving the Ecosystem, Working Holidays Ads.
Ep 92 - Madden, Netflix, Two Lane Roads, Wearing Shoes without Socks
Ep 91 - Upgrade Downgrades, Not Taking Care of Your Guys, Predictive Text, Hollywood Accounting
Ep 90 - Shrinking Men's Sections, Release Dates, School Fundraisers, Wrong Numbers
Ep 89 - Crowd Screamers, Unsolved Mysteries, Battery Lies, Conspiracy Theories
Ep 88 - Office Ladies, Swimming, Constant Connectivity, Too Old to Be Out in Public
Ep 87 - Funerals, Being Offended Online, Mattress Sales, 'Passing the Buck' Signs
Ep 86 - Retail Seasons, Losing the Thing You Just Had,  Amazon Prime Day, Burning Your Mouth
Ep 85 - Minimalism, 40 Hours, Waking Up, New Math
Ep 84 - Communism, Coke Freestyle Machines, Flag Stuff, Not Taking the Plastic Off
Ep 83 - Our System is Down, Future Tech, Notifications, Off Weekends
Ep 82 - Vitamins, American Sports Broadcasting, Disregarding Democracy, Having More Than Two Pets
Ep 81 - Other People on Drugs, Smartwatches, Spoilers, The Shadow Campaign
Ep 80 - Movies and Shows leaving streaming services, McDonald's, Other People Driving, Sweatpants
Ep 79 Tony From Hack the Movies - Graduation, The Social Justice Droid from Solo, Allergies
Ep 78 - Fort Knox Level Account Security, My Culture is not your Viral Marketing Campaign, Bones in Food, Rush Hour
Ep 77 - Being Outside, Hospitals, Handicap Spaces, Extreme Tonal Shifts
Ep 76 - Funko Pops. Birthdays, Summer, The Useless Things Taught in Schools
Ep 75 Uncle BuckAge Gates, Faked Authority, Star Wars
Ep 74 - Blowing Your Second Chance, The Royal Family Circle Jerk, Ghosting, Why Isn't it Called Jurassic Park 5?
Ep 73 - Captcha, Mobile Redirects, Removing Functionality to the App, Phone Keyboards
Ep 72 - The Inconvenience of Home Repair, Down Playing Important Life Events, Stall Callers, Ice
Ep 71 - Filing Your Own Taxes, Aisle Blockers, Form Over Function, Phone Call Paralysis
Ep 70 - Back Pain, Interview Questions, Online Resume and Cover Letter Shenanigans, Data Breaches
Ep 69 - Local News, Other People's Bathrooms, Shower Sex, The Pre-Sleep Self-Cringe Marathon
Ep 68 - Cryptocurrency, Sandals, People with no Spacial Awareness, Cable Management
Ep 67 - Industry Award Circle Jerk, Poorly Constructed Sandwiches, Family Tech Support, Beer
Ep 66 - Download Managers, Panic Attacks, Power Surges, Sources
Ep 65 - Asylum Films, "Can I Help You With Anything?", No Demos for Games Anymore, White Clothing
Ep 64 - Repairman Scheduling, Valentine's Day, The Olympics, The Socratic Method
Ep 63 - Your Dumb Music, Oblivious People, Truck Guys, Trailers for Trailers
Ep 62 - Impatient People, Speed Humps, The You-Tube Invasion, Proprietary Technology
Ep 61 - Electives, "Me Too" Businesses, Your Dumb TV Show, Testicles
Ep 60 - Planned Obsolescence, Your Dumb Fucking Children, Not Putting things back where they go, Not removing the ice from your car 
Ep 59 Nick Rekieta -
Organic Food, Checks, Paying Taxes and Fees on things you already own
Ep 58 - Life Hacks, Not Committing to Film, Weird Sleeping Habits, Mansplaining
Ep 57 - Cars w/o Phone Holders, Places open on Christmas Day that don't need to be, No/Poor Return Policies, Family Photos
Ep 56 - Xmas Light Tours, Fake Holidays, Eggnog, Wrapping Presents
Ep 55 - Net Neutrality, Shipping and Tracking, "Have you eaten here before?", Awards Shows not aboout the Awards
Ep 54 - The Living Room-ification of Movie Theaters, Electronic Arts' Sudden Villainy, Terrible Final Jeopardy Questions, Salvation Army Bell Ringers

Season Two - Buck & Tab
Ep 53 Joel Chaco -
 Wake-up Calls / Reality Check, The Internet of Things, Stick Figure Family Stickers
Ep 52 Tim the HandlebreakerHollywood Types Who Think That Their Poop Doesn't Stink, Dreams, Not Fixing The Problem
Ep 51 Mono'c Pat Outdoor Festivals, Bureaucracy, Toy Video Games
Ep 50 - Biting Your Tongue, Sudden Infestations of Flies, Religion
Ep 49 - "I Have No Filter," Representation Olympics, "Men Experience Labor Pain" Videos, Poor Quality Audio Books
Ep 48 - Diversified Construction, Low Flow Toilets, Fake Fall, People Nosing Into Your Business
Ep 47 - Being the Jerk, Emotional Blackmail, Basic Chick Food, Smoking
Ep 46 - Starting the Rumor MIll, Basic Chick Clothing, School Zones, Unearned beards
Ep 45 - Basic Chick Advertising, Automatic Password Changes, Annoying Biological Tendencies, No Refills After You Paid
Ep 44 - Fancy People Coming To The Theater, Unwanted Well-Wishers, Mic Check, Doomsday Salesmen
Ep 43 - Ambush Journalism, Umbrellas, Suicide by Cop, Tech Week
Ep 42 - Craigslist, Getting Medically Jerked Around, Turnpikes, Cultural spoilers
Ep 41 - False Surprise Surgery, Gambling, Pimple popping videos, The Gospel of Hate
Ep 40 - Vertical Filming, Not Doing Your Research, Found Footage, Waiters Singing Happy Birthday
Ep 39 - Novelty Items, Video Game Ratings, Dress Code Complainers, Marches and/or Protests
Ep 38 Empress Of Melanin - DJs who Can't Read The Room, "I Ain't Your Nocket", "We Need to Talk"
Ep 37 - Audits, Littering, The Anti-Rape Device, The Bechdel Test
Ep 36 - New Phones, Leaving your kids in a hot car, Passing Leap Frog, Job True Believers
Ep 35 - Price Obfuscation, PETA, Membership Cards, Amusement Park Ticket Prices
Ep 34 - The Hallmark Channel, Weather men, Using Your Kids for Virtue Signaling, Updates
Ep 33 - College, Password Glitches, Textbooks, Ecosexuals
Ep 32 - Slow People In Buffet Lines, "I'm a [blank]" guys, Pirate movies, Assigned Seating at Movie Theaters
Ep 31 - Delivery Tracking, Cuddlists, DIY, Weaponized Consent Laws
Ep 30 - Drum Solos, Petty Theft, Glorifying Violence, Differing Legal Ages
Ep 29 The Biggest Mikey - The Self-Esteem Movement, Black and White Special Editions, Coin Operated Air Compressors
Ep 28 - Burger Topings, Cancer Movies, Crowd Funding, Breakup Songs
Ep 27 Joel Chaco - Fake Beefs, Uninformed Knee-Jerk Reactions, Google's Alternate Directions
Ep 26 - Professional Installations, "Can I speak to your manager?", Star Trek Discovery, Fan-made Lightsaber Duels
Ep 25 - Vehicle Rental Companies, Greeting Cards, Waterless Urinals, Chicks Who Break Your Toys
Ep 24 - Control Freak Sound Guys, Cold Showers, Scientism, Micro-Aggressions
Ep 23 - DVD/Blu-Ray Previews, Follow-Up Doctor's Visits, Windows 10, Musical Episodes

Season One - Buck & Chaco
Ep 22 -
Ghostbusters (2016), The 1980s
Ep 21 Larry Bleidner - Inconsiderate Noisemakers, Sugary Holidays, Cowards
Ep 20 - Earbud Interrupters, Blind Faith, Tiny Houses, Life's Constant Onslaught
Ep 19 Razor Fist - Russia, YouTube Monetization, Internet Arguments
Ep 18 Randy Santel - Night leg cramps, Bad nutrition, Online shopping
Ep 17 Madcucks - Weddings, Rubberneckers, Haters
Ep 16 I, Hypocrite - Penmanship Prudes, Beauty and the Beast Backlash, Career Activists
Ep 15 Short Sleeve Sampson - The Word "Midget", Healthy Food Options, Decorative Swords
Ep 14 Izzy Nobre - No Designated Loud Children Areas, Brazil, The Oscars
Ep 13 Devon Tracey (aka Atheism is Unstoppable) - Germany, Militant Atheism, Regressivism
Ep 12 - Fever Brain, Gluten, Sick Call-In Stigma, Public Sector Unions
Ep 11 Blonde/Berkeley Brendan - Police Stand Down Orders, False Equivalencies, Downfall of Western Civilization
Ep 10 Adam Nash - Shitposting, Initial Reports, Internet Gurus
Ep 9 Blonde - The United Nations, Angel Shots, "Peaceful Protesters"
Ep 8 Grant J. Kidney - Shitty Fiverr Results, Flip-Flopping, Disrupt J20
Ep 7 Matt Christiansen - Corporate Twitter, Chick-Fil-A Hate, Fake Victims
Ep 6 Empress of Melanin Real Racism vs Fake Racism, Unfriending, Soft Censorship
Ep 5  -  Lemon Turkey, Year Blaming
Ep 4 Madcucks - Double Parking, Christmas Debt, Derivative Podcasts, Santa Claus Myth, Birth Control
Ep 3 - Disney Star Wars, No Siestas, Elf on the Shelf, War on Christmas
Ep 2 - Evil Schedulers, Impractical Clothing, Sony Entertainment, Circumcision
Ep 1 Larry Bleidner - Throw Pillows, Birthday Weeks, 12-Story Falls, Commie Lovers, Mid-Life Crises