Road Through Infinity War - Episode 11: The Avengers: Age of Ultron


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Welcome back from our long hiatus to the more aptly named Road Through Infinity War. I'm resuming right where I left off in a discussion of the happenings and meaning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

This episode is Age of Ultron, the first reunion of the the Avengers since 2012. That's right all of your favorite heroes are back, Hawkeye, that one Asian Lady, Nick Fury's rousing peptalks, and many more. Find excitement in the shoehorned romantic subplot between Black Widow and the Hulk. Who has a secret farm family that no one knew about until now? And what's eating Tony so bad that he has to make a murder robot to feel like his life still has meaning? These questions and many others will be answered in this step on the Road Through Infinity War!

Coming soon Ant-Man!

Bonus Episode 26 - Magically Deaf

Bonus 26 Thumb

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Welcome HWIDG fans to December's extra merry bonus episode. We've got a lot to be thankful for this year, and you're gonna hear about it! This month we're sitting around the fire and talking about these pleasures.

- Magic
- Earplugs
- Deadcells
- Pepto

Spoiler Alert: Tim has still not taken these damn Magic Cards.

Magic, Earplugs, Deadcells, Pepto

Tab and Tim Watch #12 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Roger Rabbit Thumb

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Listen here, punk. My partner was the nice one. You know what that makes me? The bad cop. WHO DID IT?! HUH?! You don’t know, eh? Now why would that be? Would it be because you DIDN’T LISTEN TO THE COMMENTARY LIKE YOU SAID YOU DID?! Ahhh. The truth finally comes loose. You didn’t listen to the commentary like you said you did. Stop crying’ kid. You’re no to use to us anymore, get on out of here. See Frank, told you I’d bust him open. Kid didn’t know nothin’ anyways. Damn. We gotta figure this out.

Who fell asleep during this month’s movie commentary?  Find out, as we watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit? As always, we thank all you MEGA Producers for supporting the podcast. We say we love all our Patrons equally, but we love you all just a little bit more. Don’t forget to submit a movie for next month’s commentary, or we’ll drop you into a vat of the dip!

Minisode 13 - 44 Oz


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Hello! This is your minisode for the month of November. Sorry it’s so short, but we had to cut out about 60% of the recording because it was all teeth chattering. It’s cold here. It’s cold and everyone’s sick. But not as sick as these mini issues, dude!

* Slow Cashiers
*People that don't change the default ringtone
* Opening Acts
* Being Upsized at No Charge

As always, we greatly appreciate you supporting the podcast, and we’ll be right back at ya with more min issues next month!

What's Wrong with Spaaace? - Episode One

Space Episode 1 Thumb

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Yellow alert, raise shields, energize weapons, and set speed to Warp Factor One because Tim finally sat down and watched TNG Season One and we're gonna talk about it. So get out there and grab your favorite spandex onesie, batleth, and pet lionfish for this episode so nerdy it may be in violation of the Divisible Directive, aka General Order 2.

Bonus Episode 25 - November

Bonus 25 Thumb

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Sorry this one is late folks, but a big snowstorm came through and delayed all the flights. This bonus episode had to stay at a very mediocre La Quinta Inn for a few days until another flight came through. At least the breakfasts were continental. Anyways, here it is, and here’s what we discuss:

* Snow
* Pranks
* Boxing Movies
* Getting A New One

As always, thanks for supporting the show! We’ll see you next month with another hot batch of Do Gets!

Here's What I Would Do About It - Episode 3 - Murder vs. Old People

HWIWDAI Episode 3 Thumb

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Hey there HWIDG fans. Tim the Handle Breaker and Tab are sitting down to run back down through the issues to figure out if Old People cause more issues than Murder will solve. Revisit all of your favorite issues from the last year or so of HWIDG. Thanks for supporting the show, hopefully we'll make another one of these sooner than a year from now.

Minisode 12 - 6 in 1

Minisode 12 Thumb

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Howdy folks! This month we got us a fine program, short and sweet just like my mee-maw's cornbread. Pull up a chair and join us as we gab about grooming our nails, shower washing order, mouth germs, and that thing you keep forgetting to do.   As always thanks for your support, we really appreciate it! We'll see you next month for another batch of mini-issues.

* Cutting Your Nails Too Short
* Not Rinsing Out Your Hair
* Double Dipping
* Not Cleaning Out Your Back Seat 

Bonus Episode 24 - Apparently!

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It's time to get spooky with this month's bonus episode filled with do gets! This month we talk about what is/isn't a soup, our experiences with haunted houses, weird comic book multiverses, and shorthand communication. As always, thanks to YOU our lovely patrons for supporting the show, and we'll see you next month for another round of do gets.
* Soup
* Haunted Houses
* Comic Book Alternate Universes
* Shorthand

Tab and Tim Watch #10 - The Thing (Feat. Todd Seidel)

The Thing Commentary

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FINALLY! It’s that time of year again folks! Toss that beach chair and suntan lotion into a dumpster and set it on fire, because not only is it time for Halloween, it’s probably also a Thing monster! That’s right, this month we’re watching The Thing! Get your bourbon, your parkas, your roller skates, and your teeth fillings ready, because someone is secretly a hideous practical effect monster and the only way they can die is a flamethrower to the face.

And if that doesn’t sound exciting enough for you, stick around till the end to find out who calls who the n-word literally dozens of times! Hint: it’s not Kurt Russell to Keith David. Don’t forget to submit your suggestions for next month’s movie, keeping in mind we’ll be recording it just before Halloween day, so remember to keep it spooky!  

Bonus Episode 23 - Haunted Telephone


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Hey there, folks! For your monthly bonus episode we talk about things we remember! Like, the month of September. Despite what Earth Wind & Fire told you, it’s been very cloudy here. Join us as we get into why we love:  

* Cars (aka Owen Wilson’s drug money)
* Urban Exploring (aka breaking and entering)
* Flashlights (aka Torches, for you wierdos)
* Good Packaging (Big, toight packages)

Catch us next month for another round of Do Gets, and as always thank you for your patronage! Listen to this one on the 21st for maximum effect! 

Tab and Tim Watch #9 - Hot Fuzz


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Oi mate, welcome to dis monf’s movie commentry. It’s ‘ot Fuzz, wanker. We get all British, ‘ead down to the pub, and ‘ave a pint or two. One of ‘ates it like it’s marmite or somefink. The other likes it enough, like bangers and mash. Find out who it is when ye sit down wit some fish n chips, or maybe a a kebab, and watch the movie wit us. Don’t forget to vote for nex monf’s bloody movie too!

Minisode 10 - I'm a Pizza Scientist

Minisode 10 Thumb

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Like a fly you can’t get rid of, here’s another installment of those little irksome things that poke at the back of your mind.

  • Too Much Sauce

  • Unclear Communication

  • Summer Rain

  • Movie Tickets

A good sauce to thing-being-sauced ratios is KEY to a good meal. Too little leaves you wanting more, but too much? That can ruin a dish, no matter how good that sauce is. Too much, and you make a mess, leaving you looking like a two year old eating spaghetti. But even over ruining your clothes, it can ruin the food, making it soggy. There’s got to be a better way!

Everyone’s got unique names for things, whether it’s an inside joke, or an abbreviation, or just some jargon exclusive to their field.    But, a smart and decent person knows to translate it back into layman’s terms when communicating with someone outside of their circle. If not, you make yourself look like an asshole by appearing to look down on the other person for not knowing your technical wordery. 

Hey, it’s hotter than satan’s balls out, you know what would be great, let’s add some humidity to that. No, it won’t cool you down like usual. It’ll still be ball-hot, just a lot muggier and you’re wet. Thanks, Satan.

Tickets! Who needs ‘em? Who wants to remember a fun night out? No one. Here’s a receipt that says ticket on it. But it’s not a ticket. I know, you know it, we all know it’s not a ticket. A ticket should have perforated edges, multiple colors, made of thicker stock paper, and be a nice keepsake for an event. But no one wants them I guess!

Bonus Episode 22 - Rock and Roll D.I.Y.

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It’s that time of year again. Back to school! As you either whisk your little ones away or move your stuff into your dorm, remember to take some time for the things you love! Don’t worry, that essay can write itself the night before it’s due. How about you listen to this month’s Bonus Episode instead and get some ideas on how to wind down after a cram session. This month’s do-gets include:

- Cold Drink on a Hot Day
- Fixing it Yourself
- Rock Band
- Bitching

Literally nothing is more refreshing than an ice-cold drink when you’re hot. Name one thing more refreshing. I dare you. You can’t. Whether it’s a glass of sugary-sweet lemonade, a fizzy pop, or even just a nice chilled glass of water, nothing feels better. Been working out? Cranking them lifts? BAM! Cold glass of water. Maybe you’ve been mowing your front lawn and trimming trees? BAM! Lemonade cures all. Maybe it’s just a hot day, and you’ve been out riding your bike all over town with your buddies. BAM! Grab a nice root beer from the Stop-n-Go, but STEAL IT THAT MAKES IT FEEL EVEN BETTER.

Sometimes, you’re way in over you head. You’re not gonna be able to un-total a car. But for those smaller problems, the ones that others might immediately go to a specialist for? Well, my friends we’re here to tell you to fix it yourself. It’s a wondrous sense of accomplishment that comes along with it. Researching, gathering your tools, and fixing it step by step makes you feel like a productive member of society. You really out-did yourself this time. Go you.

Thank you Harmonix. You music game gods that gave us this beauty of a rock n’ roll simulation. It’s the closest you can get without actually learning an instrument to being in a band. It’s the best parts of karaoke, Guitar Hero, and party games all put together in a toight package like Robert Plant. It’s so much fun that when Tab recently lost his 8/9 year old save game, he didn’t say “screw this, I’m done”. He just started over again. And let me tell you folks, that is an amazing feat, and a very telling sign.

Getting something off your chest. Everyone’s gotta do it. Whether it’s work bringing you down, this mixed-up freaky world of ours, or you spilled some ketchup on your shirt, you can’t keep it bottled up inside. That’s how people go crazy. Think about it like an engine. You’re building up all this heat and nasty gunk inside, you’ve got an exhaust for a reason. Use it. Other wise it’ll all end up in your head and you’ll look like someone from Scanners by the end of the week. We don’t want that, you don’t want that.  (But if that does happen, film it for posterity. Exploding heads are always cool.)

As always, a big thanks to you Patrons for supporting the show. Your money is being put to good use on plenty of cold drinks and Rock Band DLC.

Tab and Tim Watch #8 Demolition Man


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It’s movie time! Join us as we look to the not-so-distant future for a glimpse of society as it is destined to be! The Taco Bell Megacorp runs rampant, people are publicly shamed and punished for harsh words, cars can self-navigate, the government continually outlaws tasty foods, VR sex is the new norm, and worst of all, the entertainment and culture of Japan has infiltrated and consumed the lives of those too weak-hearted to resist it. This movie has it all! Watch as we witness the battles of Spartan vs. Phoenix, Bullock vs. Schneider, and Snipes vs. the IRS! So grab a bowl of pop-pop, a jug of fizz-juice, and get your three seashells ready for one hell of a movie! USER HAS BEEN FINED ONE CREDIT FOR VIOLATION OF THE VERBAL MORALITY STATUTE.   

Don’t forget to vote for next month’s movie! See you then! 

Minisode 9 - Ketchup Grand Prix

Minisode 9 Thumb

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Welcome folks! On this sunny July day, we’re glad to have you join us for the ONE, the ONLY: KETCHUP GPX!!! Seven bottles enter, but only one will come out on top. A battle of the highest importance, judged by the most cutting edge scientists the world has to offer. Folks, we’ve got underdogs, we’ve got returning champions, but most of all…we’ve got no clue how it’s gonna go! It’s anyone’s game! But first we’d like to tell you a little about who makes this all possible. This once-in-a-lifetime event is proudly brought to you by your local SONIC® Drive-In and their brand new Pickle Juice Slushie, pick one up today, or try one of their four other new flavors:

* Phone Game Ads
* Soldering
* Tattoos
* Differences in the Taste of Ice

That’s right, the sweet taste of Phone Game Ads are now available in slushie form, ready for you to ignore! Ignore the subtle hints of diamonds, gems, coins and more and get right back to suckin’ on that fat straw of content. (Ice, cup, and syrup flavoring not included, available in SlushBoxes for only $4.99!)

Afraid of metal? Don’t be, with the new Soldering Slushie! Melt those summertime blues (and old solder) away with it’s flavor punch of burning circuits with a hint of flesh! (Caution: Soldering Slushie requires three to four adult human hands to operate, not for children under three.) *SLURRRP*

MMMMM! What’s that taste? Well, it’s the taste of PBR, sushi, and Wild Berry Pop-Tart vape juice in our new Tattoo Slushie! Our engineers have whipped this one up with a special treat! It leaves a permanent tattoo on your tongue, with 25% less pain than a normal tattoo! Choose between a Celtic band, an anchor, and a fierce samurai warrior!

You thought that was all? Oh no my friend, we saved the best for last. We’ve gathered 124 different types of ice from refrigerators around the world to bring you the Funky Tasting Ice Slushie! Is it the vague taste of frozen chili? Is it the smell of frozen garlic bread? Is that a tiny piece of broccoli? The answers are YES, YES, and YES!

Thanks Patrons! We hope you enjoy this XXXL Not-So-Minisode experiment. Let us know how much you loved it in the comments or in our Discord.