Road Through Infinity War - Episode 16 - Spider-Man: Homecoming


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Welcome back a legend into the fold, Spider-Man in the third reboot of the character in 20 years someone finally gets it right and it is so good. Meet Peter Parker, a mild mannered high schooler with great power, but we can't say great responsibility. His nemesis, the OG Batman Michael Keaton who just wants to do right by his family. Along the way meet a huge cast of memorable characters like, Fat Kid, Not Tom Hardy, DJ Douchebag, Technology Nerd, and finally Black MJ who isn't actually MJ.

Road Through Infinity War - Episode 15 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


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This time on Road Through Infinity War we discuss the masterpiece that is Guardians of the Galaxy 2. A masterpiece of shit. This movie cannot let a single moment pass without under cutting it with a sarcastic comment or mean spirited quip. The first film was great, and I am 100% sure it was because James Gunn wasn't left to his own devices. Now on #2 he's all alone with nobody to dilute his cynicism and daddy issues to tell a good story. Enter at your own risk.

Road Through Infinity War - Episode 14 - Doctor Strange (ft. Tim the Handle Breaker)

Doctor Strange.png

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Welcome to this argument between two friends cleverly disguised as bonus content for their podcast. In this corner, Tab Birt the Rage Machine and Hater of Doctors, Wizards, and Benedict Cumberpatch, in the opposite corner, Tim the Handle Breaker, a person who is wrong. We discuss this film in great detail and point out all the ways that it could be better, but it isn't because it sucks. 

Speaking of sucking, next up Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Road Through Infinity War - Episode 13 - Captain America: Civil War

Civil War.png

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You've been waiting all year for this, and it is here. In what is the gold standard of Super Hero films right there with The Dark Knight, Captain America: Civil War. Adapting the hugely popular Civil War storyline from the comics, this film pits two heroes, Captain America and Tony Stark against one another in an ideological battle for the ages. Who's right who is wrong, you decide. This film will likely get mentioned in nearly every episode following this, yes it is that good. Also introduced in this movie, mother fucking Spider-Man, and Black Panther who is also cool I guess. So sit back and enjoy this recap of Captain America: Civil War.

Road Through Infinity War - Episode 12 - Ant Man

Ant Man Thumb

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Join me once again while we talk about Earth's Tiniest Hero. Feel the adventure and excitement as criminal with a conscience Paul Rudd teams up with an old haggard Michael Douglas to take on less funny and evil Paul Rudd. In what might be the most lack luster end to an MCU Phase in the 2 we've seen so far, this movie is a laugh a minute.

Coming Soon: Captain America Civil War

Road Through Infinity War - Episode 11: The Avengers: Age of Ultron


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Welcome back from our long hiatus to the more aptly named Road Through Infinity War. I'm resuming right where I left off in a discussion of the happenings and meaning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

This episode is Age of Ultron, the first reunion of the the Avengers since 2012. That's right all of your favorite heroes are back, Hawkeye, that one Asian Lady, Nick Fury's rousing peptalks, and many more. Find excitement in the shoehorned romantic subplot between Black Widow and the Hulk. Who has a secret farm family that no one knew about until now? And what's eating Tony so bad that he has to make a murder robot to feel like his life still has meaning? These questions and many others will be answered in this step on the Road Through Infinity War!

Coming soon Ant-Man!

Road to Infinity War - Episode 9 - Captain America: The Winter Soldier


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The movie that I have seen in theaters nearly a dozen times, Captain America The Winter Soldier. When Hydra re-emerges Captain America calls no one else and solves the fucking problem himself. Meanwhile The Winter Soldier is hunting him down, will it be his best friend Bucky? The answer may shock you.

In what may be the best of the MCU, this movie delivers on everything but excessive jokes. Watch it, watch it right now.

Coming next is Guardians of the Galaxy with Tim the Handle Breaker

Road to Infinity War - Episode 8 - Thor: The Dark World

RTIW Thor TDW.png

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In the first of the unnumbered sequels of the MCU we have Thor: The Dark World. The evil Doctor Who has returned from somewhere to bring an end to the universe, because reasons...

Is this the worst of the MCU? Does Jane foster become more than a cardboard standee, or will she take a name through a good portion of the film? Will this be the shortest episode of Road to Infinity War? Listen to find out!

Road to Infinity War - Episode 7 - Iron Man 3

RTIW Iron Man 3.jpg

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Well boys and girls it is time for Phase II and not the one where we make tesseract weapons despite not having the tesseract. No this is Phase II of the MCU where the movies get jokier, and the heroes get sullener. I watched Iron Man 3 some say the worst of the Iron Man franchise do I agree do I disagree? You'll have to listen to find out. Big thanks to myself from 5 years ago for the thumbnail art I made in an art class. Next up is everyone's favorite, Thor: The Dark World.

Road to Infinity War - The Avengers

RTIW The Avengers.png

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This is a triple long episode of the Road, with Special Guest Tim the Handle Breaker. We talk about how many times we've seen this movie in theaters. We talk about the highs and lows in the film. Those little details you might have missed. What does the future of the MCU look like post Infinity War? Is this movie still one of the best in the MCU? We decide you should agree. Tim also announces when he'll appear for Phase II, and drops a hint for when he'll be in on Phase III. I hope you're still enjoying the show as we get into Phase II with Iron Man 3.

Road to Infinity War - Captain America: The First Avenger

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This is a long episode, but we go really in depth about what works and what doesn't with this film on the eve of the first Avengers movie. I really thoroughly enjoyed this movie from start to finish while watching it again, it was a really fun story and well told. There are some hiccups, but overall it's enjoyable. Next up is the Biggest movie of the decade The Avengers with Special Guest Tim the Handlebreaker.

Road to Infinity War - Thor

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In something of an upset my pre-watch gives a better review of this movie than the post-watch! Is it because Natalie Portman is wooden? Maybe it's bcause Thor doesn't wear his sweet ass helmet. In any case it took me three sessions to watch this movie in full because I was not feeling it. Stay tuned next up is Captain America: The First Avenger

Road to Infinity War: Incredible Hulk

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Next up on the run down of the 19 MCU movies before April 27th is 2008's Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton. In what may be the Worst film of the MCU we see how bad a Marvel movie can be while still being vastly superior to all of the DC movies that weren't directed by Christopher Nolan.

In creating the Hulk Cock thumbnail I googled Hulk Cock and oh boy was that a rabbit hole you should go down immediately. Hope you enjoy this episode coming up next is Iron Man 2.

Road to Infinity War - Iron Man

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Welcome friends to the replacement for watching Discovery. Now I will be watching something I actually enjoy and I'll talk about it for a half hour or so. Gonna hit all 18 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before April 27th. It's a long haul but one man can do it and his name is Tab.

 Iron Man

The first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, before it even had a name we had Robert Downey Jr. playing himself on the big screen. I still hold this movie in high regards but watching all the films in a short span may change that. Are you ready for Infinity War? Did you catch all the hidden easter eggs, but more importantly, why is the Air Force tracking station for the middle east in LA? Why do they wear all kinds of different headsets? Why do Rhoadey and the angry white man wear their headsets wrong? Did I ask any of those questions this episode? Only one way to find out!