Tab and Tim Watch - John Wick

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John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will... something you know very little about. I once saw him kill three men in a bar... with a pencil, with a fucking pencil.

And this, is one of the greatest movies ever made. Join Tab, Tim, and Todd in his first time watching this movie in a cinematic experience to rival no other. Witness Todd ask questions about the movie 4 seconds before they happen. Listen to Tab's 4K cross bearing because he isn't sitting in the right spot. Try to guess when Tim starts to fall asleep. Keep your dogs close, and your machine guns closer it's time for John Wick.

We Left the Mics On - The My Little Pony Movie


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Sometimes your mouth writes checks that you ass has to cash and this is one of them. Due to a brief twitter feud I Tab Birt lost a bet online and as such had to subject my friend Tim the Handle Breaker to watching this movie with me. With the agreement that we release it to our feeds so here it is. Watch along with us, or don't it's a really bad movie. Just hit play on the movie and our track at the same time.

Tab and Tim Watch: Breakdown

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Welcome patrons to this month's movie commentary, it's a shorty this month. 2018's Joe Goodall directed Breakdown. Join a desperate couple tricked into kidnapping a poor girl and forced to be shot like a comedy in places that don't require a permit to film. Will they do the right thing and go to the police, or will it end on the worst twist in film history? Watch to find out!

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Tab & Tim Watch - Starship Troopers

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It's that time of year again, Valentine's Day, and what better way to say I love you than to take you sweetheart home, put on Starship Troopers and show her the perils of Facism in Spaaaaace!

This month our second commentary asks, "Do you want to live forever?" We definitely do, but only if Tim is allowed to take a nap in the middle of every film, and I can not run out of something to drink halfway through recording.

So it's time to do your part, get your pocket nuke, and get to the drop ship for Starship Troopers!

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Tab and Tim Watch - Escape from New York

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Inmate: HWIDG2-1a

Crime: Supporting a wrong think podcast

Sentence: Life without the possibility of parole in New York.

New York, New York is it everything they say? And no place that I'd rather be. Except during the distant future year of 1997 when things went way fuckin south for a bit. Join Tab and Tim as they sit down to power through another Carpenter/Russel team up. Does escape from LA measure up? Is Mr. Miyagi in this film? Can you tell the moment that Tim falls asleep? Find out when you Escape from New York.

Sorry for the late commentary this month. We'll be making it up to you with a second commentary coming soon for Starship Troopers. Submit now for March! 

Tab and Tim Watch - Big Trouble in Little China

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Welcome friends to the first Movie Commentary of January. This month we're sitting down to watch Kurt Russel in Big Trouble in Little China. Join us as we find out will Kim Catrall blink out her green contact lenses? How many gross comparisons can we make about the aged Lo Pan? Is Mr. Miyagi in this film or is it all in Tab's imagination?

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Tab and Tim Watch #12 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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Listen here, punk. My partner was the nice one. You know what that makes me? The bad cop. WHO DID IT?! HUH?! You don’t know, eh? Now why would that be? Would it be because you DIDN’T LISTEN TO THE COMMENTARY LIKE YOU SAID YOU DID?! Ahhh. The truth finally comes loose. You didn’t listen to the commentary like you said you did. Stop crying’ kid. You’re no to use to us anymore, get on out of here. See Frank, told you I’d bust him open. Kid didn’t know nothin’ anyways. Damn. We gotta figure this out.

Who fell asleep during this month’s movie commentary?  Find out, as we watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit? As always, we thank all you MEGA Producers for supporting the podcast. We say we love all our Patrons equally, but we love you all just a little bit more. Don’t forget to submit a movie for next month’s commentary, or we’ll drop you into a vat of the dip!

Tab and Tim Watch #10 - The Thing (Feat. Todd Seidel)

The Thing Commentary

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FINALLY! It’s that time of year again folks! Toss that beach chair and suntan lotion into a dumpster and set it on fire, because not only is it time for Halloween, it’s probably also a Thing monster! That’s right, this month we’re watching The Thing! Get your bourbon, your parkas, your roller skates, and your teeth fillings ready, because someone is secretly a hideous practical effect monster and the only way they can die is a flamethrower to the face.

And if that doesn’t sound exciting enough for you, stick around till the end to find out who calls who the n-word literally dozens of times! Hint: it’s not Kurt Russell to Keith David. Don’t forget to submit your suggestions for next month’s movie, keeping in mind we’ll be recording it just before Halloween day, so remember to keep it spooky!  

Tab and Tim Watch #9 - Hot Fuzz


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Oi mate, welcome to dis monf’s movie commentry. It’s ‘ot Fuzz, wanker. We get all British, ‘ead down to the pub, and ‘ave a pint or two. One of ‘ates it like it’s marmite or somefink. The other likes it enough, like bangers and mash. Find out who it is when ye sit down wit some fish n chips, or maybe a a kebab, and watch the movie wit us. Don’t forget to vote for nex monf’s bloody movie too!

Tab and Tim Watch #8 Demolition Man


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It’s movie time! Join us as we look to the not-so-distant future for a glimpse of society as it is destined to be! The Taco Bell Megacorp runs rampant, people are publicly shamed and punished for harsh words, cars can self-navigate, the government continually outlaws tasty foods, VR sex is the new norm, and worst of all, the entertainment and culture of Japan has infiltrated and consumed the lives of those too weak-hearted to resist it. This movie has it all! Watch as we witness the battles of Spartan vs. Phoenix, Bullock vs. Schneider, and Snipes vs. the IRS! So grab a bowl of pop-pop, a jug of fizz-juice, and get your three seashells ready for one hell of a movie! USER HAS BEEN FINED ONE CREDIT FOR VIOLATION OF THE VERBAL MORALITY STATUTE.   

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Bonus Commentary - Ready Player One

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Tab and Tim sit down for a grueling day in the reference mines to dig up some old gems of pop culture lost to the ages. This commentary has more pet rocks and gundams than you can shake a stick at. Get your counters ready because we're tallying the fuck out of this movie to determine scientifically if it is terrible or not, (Spoilers) it is.

So grab you favorite amazon prime, or torrent site and get to watching what will go down as Steven Spielberg's easiest paycheck. Ready Player One.

Tab and Tim Watch - DOUBLE BONUS - The Ladykillers

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What is my favorite movie of all time. Tom Hank's 2004 incredible role as Golthwait Higginson Dorr PhD a mastermind of the heist of the century. Watch this fuckin movie, it's literally the best thing the Cohens have ever done. Then get ready to watch it again, because I hit play immediately after watching this movie.

Tab and Tim Watch - Independence Day (ft. Truckin and Tuckin)


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This month features the greatest american story ever told. The 1996 BTFO of a bunch of hentai aliens from the planet fuck off. In a movie that peaked Jeff Goldblum, Sky Rocketed Will Smith, Features Jayne Cobb before the Cobb, and stars the greatest movie extra the world has ever seen. Independence Day should be your most beloved American tradition.

We also bring in our long time friend Truckin and Tuckin who we've talked about on the show. How long does it take, and who is the first one to doxx his real name? Find out when you watch Independence Day.

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Tab and Tim Watch - Bloodsport

bloodsport Thumbnail.jpg

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The results are in and Bloodsport is this month's winner. A movie that Tab has never seen and Tim hasn't seen in a long time. Bloodsport brings back the best of the 80s! Stereotypical honor minded oriental characters, easy casual sex with reporters, endearing bromance, and most of all a simple plot that explains itself in 20 minutes, and the rest of the film can just be awesome fights. What isn't there to love. So sit back and enjoy this month's Bloodsport commentary.

Tab and Tim Watch: Tucker and Dale vs Evil

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It was a close call in the voting this month and we had to actually go deep into the rankings to figure out a clear winner. So we will be updating the votes for a ranked choice vote point system. The winner with 82 points for May was Tucker and Dale vs Evil a movie half of us have seen. It actually turns out really good, we both enjoyed it and you will too. Thanks for supporting the show this month and don't forget to submit the next movie!

Tab and Tim Watch - Crank 2: High Voltage

TaTW Crank 2.jpg

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This movie was a far more psychotic romp than either one of us remembered. Filled with overly graphic violence, fake Joseph Gordon Levitts, Shot Guns in asses, horses on parade, and most importantly high voltage. This movie is far better than Rubber and we want to thank you that fans for it. Don't forget to suggest the next movie in May!

Tab and Tim Watch - Episode 4 Rubber


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In what may be the worst pitched movie of all time, a tire becomes sentient and kills a town. The tire is pretty cool it has feelings, you start to understand it. Two big problems, 1 they put a framing device in to justify why the movie sucks, and 2 they show the tire kill pretty much nobody. This may be one of the worst films we've ever seen. Sit back and watch it with us though, hopefully you get a laugh.

You guys are the only ones submitting movies this month so be on the look out for that survey that posts right along side this. Thanks for the support for March and we'll catch you next month.

Tab & Tim

Tab & Tim Watch #2 - Robocop (1987) & Robocop (2014)

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Well, you did it! Your first pick for us was both Robocops at the same time, so we did it! It was a little awkward at first, but we got used to it eventually, making sure to spend a little bit of time on each one so that the other one didn’t get jealous. Chances like this don’t come around very often, so we’re grateful you let us, cause we sure enjoyed ourselves. So grab some nuke, rig up your data spiken, and sit down with us as we take on Robocop and Robocop