Tab and Tim Watch #12 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Roger Rabbit Thumb

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Listen here, punk. My partner was the nice one. You know what that makes me? The bad cop. WHO DID IT?! HUH?! You don’t know, eh? Now why would that be? Would it be because you DIDN’T LISTEN TO THE COMMENTARY LIKE YOU SAID YOU DID?! Ahhh. The truth finally comes loose. You didn’t listen to the commentary like you said you did. Stop crying’ kid. You’re no to use to us anymore, get on out of here. See Frank, told you I’d bust him open. Kid didn’t know nothin’ anyways. Damn. We gotta figure this out.

Who fell asleep during this month’s movie commentary?  Find out, as we watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit? As always, we thank all you MEGA Producers for supporting the podcast. We say we love all our Patrons equally, but we love you all just a little bit more. Don’t forget to submit a movie for next month’s commentary, or we’ll drop you into a vat of the dip!