Bonus Episode 6 - F*ckery is Afoot

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After what amounted to being a pretty stressful week, Uncle Buck and Joel Chaco reflect on how their podcast was almost permanently removed from iTunes, on account of a flagging campaign and a simple error regarding explicit words in show descriptions.

Along the way, Joel Chaco received confirmation from iTunes that the show had received multiple flaggings for "offensive content", despite the show being labeled as E for Explicit.

While down from iTunes, it also became apparent that other entities tied to the show had mysteriously also had a bad month. Joel Chaco lists off the string of "coincidences" involved for HWIDG, and for friends of the show.

In this episode, Buck and Chaco delve into the /mystery/ of the show's 1-star reviews, as well as the similarities between the attacks made on guests and friends of the show.

This was NOT the first time that a review brigade was done on the show.

It's not all just goss though. Nope, Buck and Chaco talk about their brushes with death (bit of a hat nod to Larry Bleidner there), as well as their recent improvement on their sleep.

Join us for a more casual format in this, the latest installment of HWIDG bonus material. Thanks again for the support!

New show to be recorded Tuesday March 7th (Tomorrow) at 4:30pm EST. If you'd like to hear yourself on the show, feel free to leave us a voicemail at (704) 750-9434.

PLEASE NOTE: The ice chewing is Uncle Buck, and he felt it would be funny to leave it in. We'll be reuploading the episode again later without it, on account of the noise driving Joel Chaco nuts.