BONUS - Ask Chaco Jr.

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After many months of persistence from his son to make a podcast with him, Joel Chaco finally caved and sat down with Chaco Jr. to record a show.

And wouldn't you know it? The kid's got chops!

4 1/2 year old Chaco Jr. makes his podcasting debut with this funny/adorable interview that includes his opinions on spicy food, talking like a cowboy, zombies, and stinkberries, lots and lots of stink berries.

This will likely be a one-off, but if people like it, we'll do more in the future and share them here. Otherwise, Chaco and Son will likely just record more for historical record, and keep within the family.

But if you guys want any more of this, let us know... and feel free to submit some questions to ask the little guy on a future recording.