Minisode 4 - It's Not Gay, It's Just Fruit

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Welcome Patreonis to an episode so small you can barely see it. This month the little things that are nagging us are.

- Sore Throats
- Throwers
- Bananas
- Google Image Search
- Liking Penis
- Cold Contact Solution

There is a terrible feeling in life and it's having a sore throat. Days of misery in what might be your most important orifice. What's worse is that there about about 400 ways to get one and the only way to cure it is patience.

About that impatience, nothing is worse than an impatient fuck in your game throwing the thing because he thinks you suck. Hey dipshit, maybe if you played with the team instead of trying to be the one man greatest douche on earth, we could win.

About this time in the show, Tim decides he needs to desperately share a message with me. It's a picture of his lousy tea, so I made it the thumbnail. Now you too get to experience the Anus.

If you want to know more about things that don't go in your anus unless you are an atheist, look no further than bananas. What a shitty fruit you buy it and 40 minutes later it's decomposed into dirt. Science has given us a lot of things but bananas that don't suck isn't one of them.

In the latest way google fuck us all in the ass was the removal of the open image button. Yet again some company got their panties in a wad because people were able to use the internet fully, and google's white guilt stepped in and fucked the user. Thanks google, thanks so much.

Something else that fucks you is a penis, and I just don't get what the appeal is. Who wants a penis, I mean really.

Finally the weak among us that need daily prosthetic correction to not get themselves killed have a gripe. Putting cold contacts in your eyes. If we lived in the Hobbesian state of nature you'd all be dead. So count your blessings.

Well that's it until next month. Thanks for supporting the show, and stay peeled for Episode 66 coming soon!