Minisode 7 - Little Women

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Welcome to the final bonus bits for this month.

- Windows Notifications
- No Mens Dish Gloves
- Lack of Backup Baskets
- Small Monsters
- Flys

Hey, it's Windows Here. I need to tell you about this important Bonus Episode that just released on HWIDG!

Maybe you're a sensitive man, not wanting to have a bunch of chemicals directly on your skin. Well fuck you because latex gloves, are the only thing on earth that are safe for women, and fuck you for trying to co-opt that safe space.

You're at the store, and finally you find a bunch of gloves for men. You're ecstatic. Guess what? In your hopeless state you didn't bother to grab a basket when you walking into the store. That's fine; as you walk to the front of the store. Only to never find the aisle ever again. Why wasn't a basket near you when you needed it?

You're trying to determine where the aisle possible could have gone. Maybe it was stolen by a monster. It would have to be a big one though, because small monsters are fucking lame. Anything that can be kicked out of a window, or disabled by capturing it in a box is not scary. I'm looking at you you goddamn fly in the house.

Flys are stupid. They just fly around bumping into shit, and getting trapped in your blinds making you go crazy trying to kill the fucker. There are no windows in the Handle Breaker house because he over zealously tried to kill all the flys and just bust through the whole window.

Well that is out Minisode this month. Thank you for supporting the show. We have 2 special bonus episodes coming soon for everyone, and an even specialer $5 Bonus Episode.