Minisode 3 - With Tim

Minisode 3 Thumb

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Tim comes screeching into the Madcucks Studios hot and heavy and we talk about some important, yet microscopic issues.

- Flimsy Physical Media
- Too Short of a Chairs
- Too many small plates
- Too Tight Pants
- Sleeping at a New Place
- Not Seeing the Hulk's Penis

You know how you spent a little extra to get your favorite book, or maybe that movie or video game you've been wanting? Well guess what, it's falling apart because they cut a bunch of little holes in your Blu-Ray Case. That book is a paper back and it's curved and split all to fuck. Now I have no reason to live.

Speaking of no reason to live, short people must inhabit the world of office chairs because they are always too goddamn low to the ground. The adjustment is ass on the ground, or ass hovering slightly above the ground. Hey how about knees at a 45 degree angle and a little bit of rockback you cheap cocks.

You know what would cut food costs down? Not having to have a dishwasher wash 40 small saucers instead of one regular sized plate. It's like they are setting up a model of the solar system and your table is the canvas. Hey asshole, if I wanted to explore outer space, I'd watch Star Trek.

Star Trek is great, but you know what it is rife with? Too tight of pants. In the future everyone is wearing spandex and it's camel toe's and moose knuckles from here to Betelgeuse. You know who wants tight pants? Women, and they can't stop complaining about how they don't have pockets that work. Some how companies figured men were so tired of hearing this complaint that we wanted to end it by also wearing tight pants.

As long as we're registering complaints, Tim wants to complain about the lodgings I provided for him. Look Tim, you got a sofa, with nearly 0 privacy, a blanket, and a crack head next door shouting until three in the morning. You can't fucking sleep? Tough luck. I once slept on the floor because Tim fell asleep playing video games at a friends house and that was the only option.

Finally we watched Thor Ragnarok and they make a huge plot point of Banner's too tight of pants, yet when he turns into the Hulk at the end of the movie those pants magically expand to not be too tight on the Hulk. Look I'm not into Penises, but we should have at least seen some neck and tasteful editing. Goddamn.

Well that's this minisode that somehow got a longer write up than some regular episodes.