Minisode 15 - Sticker Picker

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Fuck you it's January! and what's fucking us this month are these meager issues.

Poorly Designed Specialty Hardware
Birth in Media
Reverse Apology Lookup
Pull Quotes

Why is it when you make something to fill a very very specific need instead of making the best version of that thing you fuck it up and make some piece of shit instead? We've all seen it, a niche problem with a niche solution, and the solution somehow makes the problem worse. I'm looking at you GaffGun, fuckin space taking up piece of shit.

Oh no a baby is coming and we aren't in a hospital! Quick no matter what century you are in, or what planet you are on, get some warm water and some towels. Now breath and scream until we've run this plot point into the ground. Why? Why are we constantly being treated to the screeching of some woman who couldn't say no? No to the guy that put that baby in her, and no to being told "Hey maybe don't do anything fuckin stupid in the next 3 weeks before your baby is due."

I'm sorry. I'm sorry you're going to have to grab your Sherlock Holmes hat and scour the internet to find out what I'm even apologizing for. Social media travels faster than the speed of light, and the apologies are halfway around the world before the event even got it's pants on, meanwhile the next controversy just landed on the moon, and fucked your mother.

"Amazing" - The New Handlebreaker in Town, "...episode this week... was great" - Tony from Hack the Movies, "...awesome listening to this..." - NineintheLine, "It's one of the best." - Muddy. These pull quotes and more are from the discord, what are they talking about, well based on the context it can only mean this show! Thanks everyone for the support!

Plus we narrow down what year Todd was born, and shame Tim for missing 113. Thanks for supporting the show this month. We really appreciate it.