Bonus Episode 15

Bonus 15 Thumb

Available now for all $5 Patrons!

Here's What We Do Get this month:
* Silence
* Filtered Water
* Organizing Files
* Ad-blockers 

 Tab Blows the episode intro so badly we almost had to cancel the show. 

Speaking of cancelling the show, that would leave you our first do get this month. Silence. Silence is the feeling of taking off your shoes at the end of a long day. Silence is that first bite of a delicious steak. Silence is the only non physical entity described as gold. 

What else is gold?   Well that water filter in your fridge, it's the gold standard separating you from being healthy, or living in Flint Michigan. Wether it's attached to the back of your fridge like a hideous mole, or a plastic contraption constantly needing to be refilled filtered water is great.   What is a water filter really if not just an organized and specifc place to store your water? 

That's why Tim gets Organizing Files, we go off the deep end into a really hot and heavy discussion on file storage on our computers does someone pop a boner?   You'll never know because that Boner, had an advertisement for some obnoxious cereal on the tip of it and you aren't an idiot, you use ad block. 

Remember the days when searching for porn was followed quickly by a scan with your anti-virus? Not anymore, now you're more likely to get a virus visiting imgur or CNN because they used some shittier ad server. Please though, put some stupid thing in my face about turning off ad block.  

Thanks once again for Supporting the show, stay tuned for a Minisode coming on the 30th, and Madcucks vs Discuckery coming back to finish the season!