Bonus Episode 8 - Modern Marvels

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Welcome to another edition of Here's What I DO Get!  Together in the studio, Tab and Uncle Buck relax a bit and talk about the following Gets:

Modern Medicine
The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Don't mind the sounds of heavy construction taking place as we chat; at least it isn't a lawn mower!  When my dad mows the lawn, it really interferes with my lazy afternoon naps, almost as much as my crippling sleep apnea.  Thank God we have modern medicine that produces machines to enhance our bodies . . . OR REPLACE THEM!

Everyone loves a good movie, but are you really committed?  Maybe Tab should be committed, because he fanboys out over the Marvel movies, whereas Buck takes a more relaxed approach.  And if you really want to feel relaxed, nothing induces a couch coma more than the family scenes from Breaking Bad.  How does Anna make Tab want to grab a gun?  You'll have to listen to find out!