The Car Podcast

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After recording an episode of the regular show I thought we'd take a crack at recording a Bonus episode, and hey, why not do it in person. With no where to do it that was particularly quiet we took the show on the road recording the whole thing using my DR-40 field recorder and a couple of mics while driving aimlessly around town. This one has the best audio quality of the three, but there is still some traffic noise and other car noises.

Tim's First Test Episode

Test Episode HB1 Thumb.jpg

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We recorded this just a few days after Buck said he needed to step away from the show. The audio quality is very low, Tim us recording using a headset and I am recording the headset audio after Discord processing. The issues are fun, I brought in some issues from the past that wouldn't ever really be relevant. Hope you enjoy these, and Happy Fesitvus

The last of the "test episodes"

Test Episode Last.png

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In this, the last of the "test episodes", Uncle Buck and Joel Chaco delve into the fascinating topics of bathroom hygiene, family holidays, "fake news", and whether it's appropriate for a stranger to touch your kid.

Tune in later this week for the FIRST official episode of HWIDG... and possibly there will be another very special guest that isn't Chaco.