Minisode 14 - Art Vandelay, Hellchitect

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Thank you patrons, and please enjoy this the final Minisode of 2018. It's all because of you our amazing fans. This month we're talking about these measly annoyances.

- Changing Your Pocket Layout
- Overstretching
- Haircuts
- Door Knocks in Commercials

You've got the handful of things you carry every day and chances are, you put those things in the same pocket every time. What happens when you wear weird pants, get an injury and can't access a pocket, or start carrying something new? You have to rearrange and your whole world is upside down. This is why I carry everything on a spring loaded mechanism up my sleeve.

You're getting into your Mid-20s and your dreams of becoming Mr. Fantastic have started to fade, but maybe if you work a little bit at a time you can still make it. Well you're wrong because that little bit extra you tried to reach, it's fucked your whole week fam. Get ready for soreness, and limited motion, maybe next time get off your lazy ass instead.

Hair, it's always growing and unless you want to look like Cousin It you have to constantly have it maintenanced, and they can never get it just the way you like it. It's always slightly too short, or they want to put some weird shit in it you don't use. Then you have to worst part, the small talk. What do you do, any plans for new years, seeing anyone. "Listen Mom, just cut my fuckin' hair in silence and we can talk about this shit at dinner."

Knock knock, Who's there? Fuckin' nobody! But your dogs don't know that, they're all hyped up and ready to bark the mailman to death. Thanks Pizza Hut I really appreciate this cacophony you've brought upon me.

All that plus a new enemy tries to breach the sanctum of the studio. Thank you again for supporting us and if you haven't already be sure to join the Discord.