Bonus Episode 7 - Madcucks Unmasked

Bonus 7 Thumb

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The artist known as Madcucks has dropped his crowns, and the dumb guy voice, in order to give our Patreon supporters a chance to meet the man behind the gimmick.

Meet Tab... Madcucks minus the 'cucks.

We talk about the development of the character, his experience since creating the role for himself, as well as his recent trip to California to appear on the Dick Show with Dick Masterson and Sean the Audio Engineer.

Tab is "a rage" in his own right, and comes packed with an encyclopedia of knowledge pertaining to the Biggest Problem in the Universe, as well as his muse, Maddox himself.

We'll be bringing Tab back in the future, as he's a great voice, a great comedy mind, and an overall great guy.

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