Bonus Episode 5 - Fighting and Paywalls

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Uncle Buck and Joel Chaco team up again for another bonus episode in an effort to keep you entertained until Tuesday, and the next episode.

In this episode, the guys thank YOU the "mega producers" of the show, and count their blessings with another installment of Here's What I DO Get.

Uncle Buck talks about being moved to the first shift, while Joel Chaco talks about the benefit of paywalls, and voting with your wallet.

GOSS: There's a bit of goss in this episode, in that Joel talks about his brief falling out with Dick. As well, Buck and Chaco discuss the merits of his rage in the cage matchup on last week's episode of The Dick Show. Buck doesn't take kindly to what he believes was cheating, on behalf of Chaco's opponent, Dustin. However, Joel gives credit where credit is due.

Thanks again for the support, and we'll catch you all again on Friday.

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This week's guest will be none other than the King Shitposter himself, Adam Nash.