Episode 89 - Crayola Hotline

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Welcome back, you're listening to K96.9 and your Here's What I Don't Get Morning Power Hour, brought to you by Anderson Handle Repair. It's hot, hot, hot out there folks, so stay cool any way you can. You know who was always cool? Robert Stack. And he's coming up in the next hour along with:
- Crowd Screamers
- Unsolved Mysteries
- Battery Lies
- Conspiracy Theories

But first, let's hear from Greg live outside the Rold Gold Event Center. Hi Jim, That's right, I'm reporting live from outside the-WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Wow that's a real loud crowd, anyways, the one and only Jame-YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHH-tonight. Did you get that? Our mics are picking up some interference from the venue, it's a real packed crow-IWANNAHAVEYOURBABIES. For the love of God, will you people just clap?

Sounds like Greg's having a great time out there. In other news, forensic analysts have finally discovered what they believe to be the identity of the Baltimore Strangler. He eluded police for nearly 10 years until the stranglings mysteriously stopped. Maryland police were baffled how he seemed to break in to homes and leave without a single trace of evidence. Turns out, it was just some guy. Yeah. Just a really careful guy. That liked to strangle some ladies now and then. It's usually just some guy.

Now, before this there were some popular theories going around about who the Baltimore Strangler was. Some of these were about politicians at the time, and others, well, let's just say the people who believed them probably didn't have many teeth. "The Baltimore Strangler was a scorned Bigfoot!" "All the victims were part of a Russian sleeper cell waiting to be activated in the second Cold War!" "It was the gay love child of John Hinckley Jr. and Lee Harvey Oswald! And he strangled them from the grassy knoll!"

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