Episode 55 - Jacksonville, Florida


This week's episode is best served with no ice, on a bed of leafy greens. Join us as we venture to the Florida of the human body, your ears, on a journey to deliver you these issues:

- Net Neutrality
- Shipping & Tracking
- "Have You Eaten Here Before?"
- Awards Shows Not Being About the Awards

Welcome to the Digital Thunderdome. Within its fiber optic, webbed structure, one man has fought his way through waves of Dial-up Samurai and Flame Warriors. He stands proudly in the arena, prepared to meet his foe with fervor. The mass of thousands of spectators slowly start to chant his name, "Neutrality, Neutrality". The crowd's words build to a deafening roar as the ground trembles, the fighter's opponent approaches. He bursts forth from the arena doors! A gargantuan Novelty Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Mug! The man steels his face and forward. As this latest internet fight with the FCC gets closer and closer, we wonder if too much protest harms the cause, because frankly, we are tired of hearing about it.

It's that time of year again, so make sure you have your security system's camera pointed at your porch lest the thieves grab those Amazon boxes. Of course, chances are you didn't even know it was there because the tracking information wasn't updated. Or maybe you know the exact second it was placed there because they tracked your package like it was a possible terrorist. Personally, I prefer the Alighierian limbo of "preparing to ship", because I imagine those socks I ordered mentally preparing for a long voyage away from their cotton-polyester blended family.

Welcome to Chez Tab, where there's two things on the menu, burgers and Dr. Pepper. None of that free range, locally sourced, organic, farmer's market, gastronomy trash. It's a very simple concept, therefore we don't have to waste 5 minutes of your time explaining the "concept". The burgers come from cows, and the drinks are freshly milked from the tender gonads of the good doctor himself. You're gonna have to go somewhere else for your quinoa burrito and room temperature water.

Hey, did you know this is an award-winning podcast? Of course you didn't, because the 9th annual Podcasties decided to present "Best Formerly International Podcast" on the corner of the screen during the red carpet pre-show. Who wants to see dumb awards when there's hilariously expensive commercials or some sweet promotional deals to get to. Or even better, a musical performance from some indie band that doesn't have anything to do with what the awards are about. In memoriam: Televised awards shows being good (Never-Never).

Who do we answer a surprise call from this week? Who is revealed to be an Eric Clapton superfan? So many questions, just one answer! Listen to the podcast!

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