Episode 66 - Swiss Meatballs

Episode 66 Thumb

Well recruits, you’ve done it. Against all odds you’ve survived your training to become a member of the elite space cops, the HWIDG Lanterns. Now, please, join me in reciting our sacred oath: “From North to South, East to West, these issues shall not ever rest, with rage among the very best, Here’s What I Don’t Get’s sacred quest!” Very good. Now, here’s your first mission:

* Download Managers
* Panic Attacks
* Power Surges
* Sources

On the planet Ban-Dwith, there lies a very dangerous enemy. A rogue section of Downloads have formed a secret society and are up to nefarious dealings. We need you to go down there and put a stop to them before they can influence more Downloads to splinter off into their own sections. This is quite a dangerous mission, rookie. You’ll be dealing with extremely slow speeds, half-finished websites, and multiple enemies surrounding you from all sides. If you fail, the universe could be forced to deal with the wrath of their leader, the Manager.

Alright, now for some survival training. In the field, you’ll come across a lot of dangerous organisms and creatures, but NONE of them can be as dangerous as your own body. Despite years of vigorous training, both physically and mentally, sometimes your body will just shut down. These are called panic attacks and, yes, despite your rings that can will anything you want into existence, you still might have to deal with them. Now this is just for you humans, the rest of you don’t have to worry about this. Humans, this almost got your kind booted out of the corps, so don’t let this happen to you.

Now, speaking of your rings, sometimes the main battery at the base that powers them will overload. DO. NOT. PANIC. Your ring should come right back on instantly. If it doesn’t, well, you're pretty much screwed. Hope you packed a book and a deck of cards. You’d think with a giant militaristic intergalactic peace-keeping force, we’d be able to pay for some infrastructure that didn’t cut out a couple times a week, but you’d be wrong. Also, make sure your wanted lists and such are backed up, because if they’re up when your ring goes down, you’re bound to lose that file. Seems like it’s almost the cosmos punishing us for something we never should’ve had.

Lastly, we need to talk about intelligence, or a lack thereof. I don’t know how many times to tell you, but when you’re gathering Intelligence, you can’t just record it. YOU. NEED. SOURCES. Who said it, when they said it, how old were they when they said it, what time of day it was, how much did you need to go to the bathroom, all of these are VITAL to intelligence gathering. Your after-mission reports need at least 5 sources or you will be sent to the bright! Is that clear?! No successful cadet has been lax on his or her souces, and neither will you! SOURCES, SOURCES, SOURCES!

Alright rookie, here's the rest of the schedule for the week: listen to some voicemails, see who went to Portland, and make sure to get your Scandinavian countries mixed up, roger that? Oh, and don't forget your Patreonic pledge and your comms channel.